Picture of DIY Star Filter
I recently bought a Canon SX10 IS and it's an awesome camera. After I got CHDK running the only problem I have is that I can't put filters on it. There are adapters to let you use them, but until I get enough money to buy it, it's no filters for me.

I love the effect star filters give. I looked around and found a home made one on Flickr but there weren't any instructions on how to make it, so I figured I would make an 'ible showing how I made it. Credit goes to Rey Nocum for the original idea, you can find his page here

*Please note this will work on any camera/slr lens that you can attach a lens hood to.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
There isn't much you need for this. I'm not really sure how much this costs because I had it all lying around. I know it shouldn't be more than a few dollars.

*Metal screen (the kind used in windows)
*Pringles can/empty tape roll
*Utility knife (not needed but its easier to cut the can with)
*Electrical tape
I made a small one for my digital camera works great thanks for the idea.
evilpooh (author)  spacepirate045 years ago
Spectrace5 years ago
cool. might try this for my Canon EOS Rebel XSi :)