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Introduction: DIY Starry Lights From Scratch Using Newspapers Simple at Home

About: I'm an Indian electronic hobbyist.

Hi friends, As an artist in the festival season I like to decorate my house and surrounding with awesome looking creativity. So this time I planned a new creative DIY project with some old newspapers lying around.

And this is my entry to contests so friends please support me by voting your each vote means a lot for me.

Okay let's get started.

Trash to Treasure

This is an entry in the
Trash to Treasure

Step 1: Materials Needed for the Project

A bunch of newspapers ( you may get very easily)

And clothes clips (to hold the glued paper while building)

Skew sticks ( you can get easily from local general story)

Fairy lights ( to lighten your craft)

Spray paint (paint - I chose Gold to make it attractive)

Glue (if you are from India I recomend Fevicol MR)

And you need lots of patients to make it perfectly.

Step 2: Make Some Paper Rolls

Take some papers

Cut them into rectangular shapes with a breadth of 4-5inches ( use ruler while cutting to get an accurate cutting)

Take a skew stick and keeping at reference and roll the news paper by pinching the edge of newspaper as shown in the picture above.

Go on rolling till the end and glue the end of the paper. Neatly close the ends.

Go on making more rolls of paper and go on making more.

Step 3: Fold the Papers

Take three paper rolls and connect them. To make a long paper sticks.

Now take a ruler and measure 5 inches and go on bending as shown in pictures above.

The bends must be minimum 5 bents. As to make a star shape.

Step 4: Make Outer Structure

Now after that . Make the star shape and cut the extra paper roll if left.

Then to keep it locked in its position glue the parts which hold them as in picture.

And put a clothes clip to hold it till it get dry.

Then your outer structure is ready.

Step 5: Now Let's Add Volume to the Project

Now to add volume to it take other paper rolls and fold it as shown in the picture above

The go on doing till you get a perfect bulged shape of a ? star

And remember to glue the end.

Step 6: Spray Paint Them Which Makes Them Awesome

Now start painting the with your favourite colour. In this case I chose gold to make it look awesome.

You may choose the colour of your choice.

Step 7: Finishing Touch

Add some fairy lights to the made star to make it look really gorgeous.

And this will be end to this craft

Happy festival make your festival sparkle!! With starry lights

And remember this is my entry to the contest and your each vote means a lot to me if you really liked my work support me by voting.

Step 8: Sparkle Your Home

If you still have any queries comment below and I try my level best to reply to your comments.

Thanks for spending time on reading my instructable.



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