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Introduction: DIY: Stars & Stripes Pennant

Pennants make regular appearances at Fourth of July barbecues, parties, and picnics, but our pennant kits celebrate Independence Day, type, and making. The kit features two designs: USA in Granule and Stars & Stripes in Calgary Script. (Yes, we chose a Canadian-inspired font designed by a South American typographer. What?)

Includes red, white, and blue 100% wool felt pieces, pre-printed felt lettering, embroidery floss, needle, and paintbrush. Follow our DIY tutorial to create your pennants.

Step 1: ​What You’ll Need:

Step 2:

Begin by cutting out the pre-printed designs with a sharp pair of fabric scissors. We started with “USA,” which will go on the red flag. (You may need to use an X-ACTO knife for some of the letters.)

Step 3:

Arrange your felt pieces on each of the pennants until you’re happy with the placement, and begin gluing. We used a paintbrush to brush on the Mod Podge and glued each piece — the glue dries fast so it’s best to work quickly.

Step 4:

Thread your needle with embroidery thread and begin stitching around the edges of the felt. This reinforces the glue and adds a nice texture to your pennant.

Step 5:

When you’re finished with both pennants, spray the starch over them (if desired) to create a stiffer finish, and let dry. Pin or tape your pennants to the wall or glue wooden dowels to the back so you can wave your pennant with pride.

Step 6:

You can also check out our other pennant kits and follow this same tutorial!

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    Love the tutorial. Wish it included the files and wasn't kit-based, but enterprising and industrious readers can probably design their own tassles, triangles, and script. Good timing pre-world cup and pre-fourth o' july. :D