Picture of DIY: Stitch your own E.T. iPhone case
We asked friend and Hero Images photographer Leah Brandt to create this adorable cross-stitched iPhone case just in time for Halloween.
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Step 1:

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What you'll need:
  • Your favorite cross-stitch pattern (E.T. pattern here).
  • All the appropriate floss indicated in pattern.
  • A sharp pair of scissors.
  • Cross-stitch needle.
  • Cross-Stitch iPhone Case.  (iPhone 4 or iPhone 5)

Step 2:

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To start, cut a length of floss about 12" long. The floss is made up of six strands, so pull a single strand out of the length. Bend the floss in half and match up the cut ends and thread those through the needle.

Step 3:

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Find the center of the iPhone case and feed the needle through the hole (starting from the back side of the case).

Step 4:

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Make your first stitch.

Step 5:

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Flip the case over and pull the floss until it’s almost all the way through, then feed the needle through the loop to tie off the strand.

Step 6:

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Pull it tight. This process eliminates the need for making knots in the floss and keeps the back of the stitches nice and neat.

Step 7:

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Follow the pattern by making overlapping “X” stitches with the floss as indicated in the pattern’s legend:

Step 8:

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Once you come close to the end of the strand, on the back side of the case, thread the remaining floss through what you’ve already stitched to finish it off.

Step 9:

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Continue following the pattern making the overlapping “X” stitches.

Step 10:

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Once you’ve completed the pattern, you’re ready to start the finishing stitches (i.e. backstitches and French knots). These are done with a single strand of floss, so only thread one end through the needle.

On the back side of the case, leave the floss through a few of the existing stitches before you begin to backstitch.

Step 11:

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Once these finishing stitches are complete, you’re all done.

Step 12:

Step 13:

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You can buy a Cross-Stitch Kit at Fairgoods for iPhone 4 or iPhone 5.
Cindy021 year ago
sabu.dawdy1 year ago
i love it. i made some thing quiet similar
HollyMann1 year ago
VERY COOL! I LOVE IT! :) Never knew they had cross stitch iphone cases! WOW ...I'm sure you could also do that with plastic canvas..bring it back in style too! :) Nice job.