Picture of DIY String Art Tutorial
I've been seeing tons of string art popping up all over the web and decided to try my hand at a piece of my own.  I really didn't want to mess with hammers and cutting wood and all that though, so I used cork board instead.  Easy to work with, light weight and cheap!  What's not to love?
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Step 1: Here's what you'll need:

Picture of Here's what you'll need:
You can find all the supplies for this project by visiting your local craft store & hardware store.  I had a huge stockpile of embroidery floss so this project was a perfect way to use some of it up. 

Corkboard rolls
Linoleum Nails
3M Hanging Strips

Step 2: Flatten your cork & glue it together

Picture of Flatten your cork & glue it together
{Before I started this project, I unrolled the cork boards and placed a bunch of heavy books on them to straighten them out a bit.  I left them like this for a day.}

Each piece of cork board is only about 1/32" thick - definitely not enough to hold a nail stable.  So I stacked three together.  Use your glue gun to glue them together.  Put them back under some heavy books for an hour or so so allow to dry completely.

Step 3: Create your word template

Picture of Create your word template
You can download my template for the word "dream" here. The "d" and the "m" will print in two parts on two different sheets.  Cut them all out and assemble into a single word using some Scotch tape.  It should look like this when you're done.

{NOTE:  If you're interested in creating a different word, I shared the font used for this project here.}

Reinforce the spaces between the "e" and "a" and "m" with some additional tape.  That will make the entire template more stable to work with.   Don't worry about cutting out the inside of the "d", "e" and "a".  Not necessary!
NoelleH24 days ago

Do you need to tie each new color on to a nail when switching?

zootalaws1 year ago

*duct tape, not duck tape... ducks don't like it, ducts love it.

GainesH zootalaws2 months ago

Actually Duck or Duct are both correct when referring to that particular type of tape. It was created in WW2 by the US to keep ammo containers dry, the water rolled off like 'off a duck's back' which is what it was called then. After the war when people started using it in various utilitarian applications it eventually became duct tape.

duck tape is a brand of duct tape. It comes in lots of different styles including Minions!

As this is an international forum, the likelihood of people all over the world being able to buy 'Duck' brand duct tape is slim.

We can buy a brand of adhesive tape called 'Jolly Boy', should I use that descriptor instead of 'adhesive tape' in any instructable?

Your efforts to be right should be applauded - by your parents. Everyone else knows you were wrong.

Actually they have this thing called Google. Anyone from anywhere in the world can use it and I am pretty sure when you type "duct tape" or even "duck tape" the smart ones could easily figure it out.

Really? So someone looking in their local shop for 'Duck tape' magically understands, English not being their native language, that the author meant 'duct tape'.

FFs, all I fkn said was 'duct tape, not duck tape' - you would think I defiled your stupid flag or something.

Duct tape is right, duck tape is wrong, sorry if you can't see that in your grasping to support someone that was wrong.

Amazon.com is pretty international....http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/s/ref=is_s_?ie=UTF8&k=duck+tape+minions

Only 'international' if you live in the US or a very limited number of selected countries - go look at the exclusions.

And how smart would you be to buy a $5 roll of tape and pay $15 to ship it to another country?

From your own link: "Duck Brand 281973 Despicable Me Printed Duct Tape"

abbiecd zootalaws12 months ago

Duck is the brand so Duck Tape is actually correct. :)

StJost abbiecd9 months ago

But only if you're using Duck Brand duct tape.

heatherng852 months ago
I love this! Very well done!!
Rerezhang4 months ago
So the cork that i bought i very thing do you think it will work or will i need to put another layer of cork underneath
missdoombunny5 months ago

Quick question, what was your approximate spacing for the nails? 1/2"? 1/4"? Thanks!

kimikimicat. made it!5 months ago

Thanks for the pattern! This was my first try doing string art. I resized the lettering in PowerPoint so that it would fit into a 11 x 14 frame. I used a shadow box frame and black foam board instead of cork. I used two layers of the foam board and used spray adhesive to glue them together. Since this one is much smaller that the original, I only needed one box of nails. My total cost (including frame) was about $15. My daughter LOVES IT!!!

taco lover6 months ago

this is so cool im totally going to try this! TACOS!

i would skip the duct tape and use fabric instead of paint.

pkratsdau7 months ago

The "string" you used comes in strands that have 6 other individual strands, how many do you use? Just one strand of 6, or do you separate them into two's ?

honeyandfitz (author)  pkratsdau7 months ago
A full strand of 6!

I have a membership and I tried printing your template but all that came out were large blobs of ink that had no definition on the paper. I am very frustrated because I spent a lot of time on the other steps only to not be able to print out a usable template at all. It previews the same way, I tried several times. I don't know how to fix it. Please help!

I am having the exact same problem! Have you found a solution yet, because I can't figure it out....

ChloeYY1 year ago

The idea is awesome! But I want to ask if I doesn't have linoleum nails, what can I use instead?

momo19121 year ago
I put my own twist on it but thank you so much for the inspiration!
14, 1:12 AM.jpg14, 1:12 AM.jpg
swainright1 year ago
Instead of cork, I used foam board. Took a little bit more effort with getting the nails in place but the cost was cut in half. But great idea all in all. Thanks for sharing :D
paneer652 years ago
your instructions are soooo good and clear! thanks!
agguilar2 years ago
awesome work!!!
I thoug it looked cool ,too!
This is so adorable! I have pinned this, I want to do something similar. The possibilities are endless, Snaps to you!!! This project came out AMAZING!!! Great job! Roofers In Fife
PinkPalm403 years ago
I love this idea! How did you get your letters to print out on multiple pages?
Two ways you can do this:

Using Microsoft word:
Simply decide the size of the letters you'd like
Use the Word Art insert
Place "DRE."
Then separately "AM" on a separate page
Make sure the dimensions are even
Tape the letters together!

Using Paint's Text box:
Make the "frame" of the canvas as large as you need for your letters.
Make the letters as big as you'd like!
Go into File. Print. Page Set up.
Look for "Fit to |1| x |1| page
Change it as needed
Always print preview!!

l8nite3 years ago
very pretty! I've done string art in the past and driving all those nails was the WORST but now that you've mentioned corkboard and Im staring at sheets of packing styrofoam... I may need to consider this a bit !
leasho3 years ago
awesome rainbow effect with the string!
Browncoat3 years ago
LOVE the rainbow coloring! This is probably cheaper if you use wood instead of cork, but more work if you use wood instead of cork. It's a great idea for those w/extra money to spend!
ChrysN3 years ago
Gorgeous! I love that you used a rainbow of colours
mikeasaurus3 years ago
Wow, this looks great!
That is just beautiful! I love that you chose to do a rainbow spectrum! I think it works wonderfully with your choice of "dream." And it does look like it would be very soothing to work on :)