So, my girlfriend was hosting a bachelorette party at our house, and the girls decided that they were going to be their own strippers for the evening. The girls: "Man, it sure would be great if we had a stripper pole..." Me: "A stripper pole? No problem!" My budget: $50. Total cost: $47.50. Your cost? Probably around $60. Why? The girl at Home Depot forgot to ring up the flanges. I didn't notice until I got home. If I hadn't already spent 2 hours there getting crappy customer service, I probably would have gone back and paid for them. I normally shop at Lowe's but their pipe cutter was broken. I do give a shout-out to Lowe's however, for the guy in appliances who helped me think out the plan.

Step 1: Measure, then purchase materials

Make a plumb line, and measure from the ceiling to the floor where you want to mount the pole. It would be the best idea to find a stud to have something sturdy to screw into.

It is essential that you get an exact measurement, as your ceiling may not be exactly 8' at every point.

Purchase the following:

--A wooden board. I used 3/4" plywood.

--1 galvanized steel pipe. I used 1 1/4" pipe. The length should be: Ceiling height minus 2 X board thickness minus 1". (This inch will account for the fact that the pipe may not screw into the flange so that it is flush--something I learned as I was going). My ceiling was 8'1", so my pipe was cut to 7'11 1/2". I should've had it cut to 7'10 1/2". You can have the pipe cut and threaded to length at most major hardware stores.

--2 pipe flanges. Make sure that they are the same size as the pipe.

--4 X hex bolts and nuts. Make sure that they will fit through the holes in the flanges. Make sure that they are just long enough to fit through the board and flanges. I used 1/4" x 1 1/2" hex bolts, but later had to switch to 1" bolts, as you will see later.

--4 X long lag bolts. I used 1/4" x 3" bolts. Make sure they will fit through the flanges.

--12 X flat washers (same size as bolts)

--spray automotive primer

--brass spray paint

--clear enamel spray

--something to prevent skidding (if you have wood floors and don't want to attach the pole to the floor). I originally bought the no-skid strips for bath tubs. In spite of the brand name, these are not magic! They are actually very slippery on my wood floors. I got super ghetto and used jar openers, but you could probably use that stuff you put under rugs to prevent skidding...

--hopefully you already have ceiling paint, but if not, it might be a good thing to grab.
I have a question for everyone..how big do you think the room should be that you install your poll in ??
<p>DIY ventures of this kind can be very dangerous for professional and long term use. Spray painting the pole?!</p><p>If you want a static or spinning dance pole several companies out there make them and their not all that expensive.</p><p><a href="http://www.platinumstages.co.uk/" rel="nofollow">http://www.platinumstages.co.uk/</a></p><p><a href="http://xpoleus.com/" rel="nofollow">http://xpoleus.com/</a></p><p></p><p>To name a few.</p>
Is the pole static or non-static because I'm looking for instructions to make a spinning pole.
awsome, got a staple in my hand tho
<p>Here is an Easy and Safe way to make a stripper.</p><p>http://www.studioveena.com/lessons</p>
now all we need an instructable on how to make a stripper...
<p>Best and Quickest way to make a stripper giggle. </p><p><a href="http://www.studioveena.com/lessons" rel="nofollow">http://www.studioveena.com/lessons </a> </p>
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Use flat top machined screws from the top and go in to some 3 prong tee nuts from the bottom. Keep it nice and smooth. Nothing worse than a limping stripper.
Ok. I'm with you throughout this build. Picked it all up. There is one thing I've noticed. The bolts are protruding up (and down from ceiling) into the pathway of my wife's foot. My thought is to alter the round holes square with a file and use carriage bolts, hacking off the excess then &quot;breaking&quot; the thread at the nut to prevent it from backing out. Your thoughts?<br><br>I dig this. Gonna build one myself.
I forgot to add that you will need 2 of these bearings. Make sure the post doesn't make contact with the ceiling or floor. It needs to be free flowing to spin.
To make it spin instead of using flanges use a 1 1/4&quot; mounted bearing. Tighten the set screws to the galvanized post and make sure the bottom of the post isn't contacting the floor. This type of setup would work better with a raised wooden box design. Here's a link to the bearing I'm talking about and it's cheap $9.95. http://www.vxb.com/page/bearings/PROD/Kit7359
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Is the pole sticky enough for inversions? We recently bought some 304 Stainless Steel tubing and made a pole out of that but we're having a hard time sticking to it other than when we use &quot;Mighty Grip&quot; on our hands... and even then, our legs just slide right down like nothing. Any suggestions? We tried spraying it with &quot;Golf Tac Grip Enhancer&quot; (found here: http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/product/index.jsp?productId=11483610) and it just left a nasty residue.
Now you just need some lights and some TBP (titty Bar Pink) Lighting Filters<br><br>R39- a nice Magenta. It evens out skin complexion and makes people look better.<br><br>http://www.productionadvantageonline.com/Roscolux-Color/R%2039.aspx<br><br>and maybe some R68 sky blue for contrast.<br><br>http://www.productionadvantageonline.com/Roscolux-Color/R%2068.aspx
that's awesome!!! help me collaborate. I need a spinning pole. How could I make it work?
a friend of mine did make a spinner pole out of one like this. she just got 2" pvc pipe and slid it over the steel pipe and painted that instead. works great
Did your friend use these instructions then put the pipe over it?
Does the pole spin or would I have to put another pipe over it to make it spin?
So if I didn't care if it was removable I could just bolt the flang into my floor? Or did you use anythign else for the bottom besides a flang and plywood? Does it spin well?
You tighten the pipe into the flanges by hand... What happens if the dancer grabs the pole and spins in the opposite direction? I am afraid of the pole loosening and failing.
Theres a second pole sheathed around the fixed pole that is free to spin...<br />
Is it on bearings of any sort?&nbsp; Does it make noise (particularly metal-on-metal) when it spins?<br />
Its all up to you bro! Build you're own, perfect it, then share it with us!<br /> <br /> Take pictures!!!(especially the finished product while in use! lol)<br />
hay im looking for a great pole to &quot;slide down on&quot; ...so do u knw where i can buy one in the stores for a price range of 75-100 in chicago- lol-
I mean yours, with the second pole sheathed around the fixed pole.<br />
&nbsp;Is this pole removable? I want to make one for my bedroom, but my bedroom is kinda small and it would be a hassle to have it standing there all the time.
Dont let your girl practice on the pole alone!!!<br /> Poles can be very very dangerous ... a slipped grip while inverted can be fatal ...<br /> <br /> maybe you ought not to try it on YOUR own too!<br /> <br /> <br />
I read everything and I am a bit skeptic so would like others advice. How sturdy is this pole? Well I only weigh 100 lbs but it seems the top is screwed into the ceiling but the bottom is strictly relying on the jar openers to not skid. I have wooden floor which I cannot drill into as well. Others who used these directions get back to me.
i hope this is for your wife!!<sup>i love this...</sup><br/>
Is the painted pole sticky or tacky at all? If money wasn't an option would you go with brass or can the girls tell the difference at all?
Dang! Step 8 photo is obscuring the instructions. But I like that you would make this for your woman plus I love Killian's so all is good in the world.
Sorry - I forgot to list the discount code...it's 3073
Hey I found one online that I got and love, it's portable and has the option to be permanent - I use the portable option so I can move it around my home...if you want to cut corners and not have to worry about the pole...there is a discount code to save 20% so it comes up to like $150 after tax and shipping.<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://yourpassionconsultant.com/consultants/jessicaparties/fantasy01.php">http://yourpassionconsultant.com/consultants/jessicaparties/fantasy01.php</a><br/><br/>I actually will use my pole in two areas in my house...the master bathroom because of the mirrors however the ceiling is not that high so I just use a ply-wood board that's painted as a platform because it's hard to walk on the carpet in the 7inch heels...but in the family room I'm actually making a raised platform that I'll store in a closet when it's not in use. The ceiling is much taller and the area is more practical if my girlfriends and I want to practice together or if I'm using the pole dancing work out DVD. My pole mounts into the ceiling and I use a gutted out fire alarm to cover the mount so when the IN-LAWs come over they have no clue that I have a pole :)<br/>
Hey I think it is great that you made a pole for your girl. My questions is that I know real stripper poles spin and I was wondering if your does or if it was just stationary. Thanks
I believe that both stationary and rotating versions exist. My version is stationary.
As a former stripper, I can confirm this! I personally have only encountered stationary, but have heard of the rotating from other girls, although I gotta say I cant imagine using a rotating pole, I think it would just mess me up (its not like we are ALWAYS sober on stage you know!). I think this is just wonderful, hubby gave me the ok to put one in our house!!!! Thanks so much!!
As a current dancer, I can confirm this. My work tried to go fancy and get a rotating one. 2 girls used it, the other 30 freaked out. so my boss jammed it up and now its been stationary for months, just how we like it.
If you want to be adventuresome..you can find spinning poles to purchase at: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.lilmynx.com/dancepoles.php">http://www.lilmynx.com/dancepoles.php</a> <br/>
I'll try this, thanks
OK! I have questions! I'm saving for my X-Pole which is $350 but I can't wait so I'm gonna try your instructions. The primer, paint, & enamel you sprayed on it has me worried. Hell, you even mention furniture polish for slickness! A dancer usually wants some level of gripiness. I pasted this from Wikipedia: "Materials include polished stainless steel, chromed steel, and brass. Each material allows for different gripping ability. Polished steel is one of the slickest materials, which provides for a faster, more fluid dance; brass poles provide more friction, allowing for an easier hold with hands or thighs and creating a slow, sensual dance style. Titanium poles are also now available, which provide more friction than even brass poles, allowing more sustained moves on the pole, including advanced "pole tricks"." Soooo, my question is did the girls do any tricks such as inverts? Did they slide right off & into the next room or did they fare ok? I'm not planning on just prancing around the pole if you know what I mean. I'm planning on being the real deal. "For fitness purposes, of course" ha
hay sleety . i do the whole pole fitness thing here in my home and i did not have a lot to spend . if you go onto eBay and search "Stripper pole" and look for the Sharon Polsky you will find it there for $45 buy it now and $64 shipping . it took me 2 weeks to get it delivered but it is the best pole i have ever had . i worked in the clubs for years and have had stationary and spinning both and the stationary are my fav . and this pole is removable and will support your weight on inverts and swings and all . i ever do the super man and the knee hold as and even the straight edge if you know what all those are . and i have never had an issue with any of them. it is stable for up to 220 lb as a removable and you have the option to mount it and make it permanently .it also comes with 2 full workouts if your into that and they are good for starters to intermediate and it has this cool bag that you can carry it from place to place with out anyone knowing what it is ... i would suggest this pole to you if yout looking to become a real pole pro ...
Well, the girls who were using the pole were far from experienced...I was able to hold myself upside down with my hands...it really didn't end up being that slick...I think it actually could have been slicker--it worked pretty well if in contact with clothes, but tended to get a pretty good grip on skin.
I have a quick question... First of all Id like to say, women you can easily do this! I went to Home Depot and bought the pipe, flanges, toggles, screws, and very small sander that came with sanding paper. The total was about 70 dollars total! as opposed to 350 on the internet! Everything is installed and ready, but quick problem. The pipe is soooo slick. Cannot even get a grip on the thing. I have sanded the pole down to a mirror like look, like I was supposed to but what do I add to this pole to make it gripable?????? Is there a paint for metal that is not toxic and will make this thing easier to grip??? Someone please help!!!!!!