Picture of DIY Stubby Screwdrivers
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     Anyone who works with their hands knows that you can never have too many tools. In that pursuit you inevitably wind up with multiples of certain accessories. Two socket sets, three multi-meters, and more crescent wrenches than one person could really use. Most multi-attachment screwdrivers will even give you an assortment of bits; straight blade, Phillips, hex, etc with doubles of the same size. Over the years I've had three screwdrivers (ChannelLock, Kobalt, and Craftsman) that each came with its own collection of bits. I finally had to start a collection cup to hold them all. So what do you do with these extras? Replace lost or broken tips? Throw in the spares drawer? How about making another set of tools to round out your collection?
     Stubby or low-profile screwdrivers help for the really tight spaces. Low clearance, cramped quarters, you name it. But why buy them? You can easily make a set that'll allow you get to all the tight spaces with just the right driver bit. And in the process you'll have a nice set of durable screwdrivers to round out  your ever-growing collection. Drop them, step on them, lose them, find them in again 20 years. If you choose the right materials, these drivers will out-last you.
     This is actually a quick and easy project. I was feeling spontaneous when I made mine and it only took about 20 minutes to make 4. That's including interruptions. You could easily make a set of 8-12 in an hour.
my wookie2 years ago
well i have to warn you, if you want to make them out of dice its a pain but it works. you drill the hole but then you have to file it out into a hexagon, if you use a vice well... it will become a dice spliter ant crack it open
pocmarck (author)  my wookie2 years ago
Well it looks good regardless. I wonder if heating the dice with a hair drier or boiling water would help prevent splitting. Just to soften them up a bit.
fredellarby2 years ago
It might be easier to "flat" the sides before cuttingt the blocks. And you can never have too many wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers, hammers, etc. (don't ask my wife)
bird1234572 years ago
This is a great idea! I will definitely have to try this out!
fetech2 years ago
If one has a spare magnetic tip holder inserted into a handle one gets a somewhat longer driver with the ability to change tips. The stubby shaft created by the magnetic holder gives one a tad bit longer reach as well.
WVvan2 years ago
This is an excellent instructable! My collection of bits like these keeps growing. They now have a purpose. Double Plus Good.
pocmarck (author)  WVvan2 years ago
Thanks. And bonus points for the 1984 reference.
my wookie2 years ago
as of now i am working on making some out of large dice, i will post pictures when they are done
Alaskan Bev2 years ago
Great 'ible - clear directions, great pictures. Nicely done! They remind me a little of the 'ible from a few months ago, taking old screwdriver handles and sinking forks and spoons into them. Now I need one more 'ible, please - a time creator so I can squeeze in all these awesome projects! Many years ago I told my little brother that I had invented a day-stretcher. You set the left-hand button at dawn, I told him, and the right-hand button at sunset, then dial your settings for however long you want your day. "Great," said Frank, "I'll take two of 'em!"
ToolboxGuy2 years ago
I recommend putting the dowel into a vise, then use a belt sander to shape the sides, and lastly cut into segments. This way you have plenty to grip, as well as a consistent shape for all of the handles.
Choperos2 years ago
This is marvelous! Had you added a rare earth magnet at the base of your hole so your bits are perma-magnetized,this would have given the middle finger to those expensive stubby screwdrivers I see at my DIY all the time...
alanemartin2 years ago
Well done overall.

I might suggest shaping the handle stock to an octogon before cutting to length. It could be done in short order with a spokeshave.
or a hand planer. I made several fake 'bolts' for a fake metal cabinet this way. Press on, my man!
haguilardof2 years ago
Great idea, easy fun project. Thanks for sharing
boxcarmj2 years ago
These will also make nice gifts - they are just are so DARN CUTE!!!
Just a thought: increase handle strength and discourage wood from splitting by a coat of varnish (allowed to well dry) before inserting blade ?
pocmarck (author)  ElectroFrank2 years ago
That might work. Or maybe try epoxy. Throw in a little fine-grain sand to help with grip then. A larger hole for the bit might help prevent splitting too. Just big enough that it grips to bit without displacing too much wood.
Harvard822 years ago
Nice. Where was this a year ago when I was working on my car at 1am in the driveway?
pocmarck (author)  Harvard822 years ago
Probably lost in the dark corners of my imagination waiting to come out.
yugnats2 years ago
awesome idea! Thanks for sharing :)
Cheiron2 years ago
Very Nice! Never thought of that. Wonderful idea!
caarntedd2 years ago
Nice work.
These are neat! Nicely done.