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Introduction: DIY Studded Trench Coat

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Add some edge to your classic trench coat by adding studs!
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Step 1: Supplies

What you'll need:

- Cone spikes with screws
- Pyramid studs in 2 sizes
- Dart awl
- Multi-hole punch
- Needle nose pliers
- Flat head screwdriver

Step 2: Attach Pyramid Studs

- Create indents with the stud to mark where you want the stud to go.
- Use the dart awl to poke holes through the indents.
- Insert the stud through the holes.
- Secure with the flat head screwdriver.

Step 3: Attach Cone Spikes

- Poke a hole for the cone spike with the multi-hole punch.
- Insert the screw and secure the cone spike onto it.
- Tighten with the flat head screwdriver.

Step 4: Create a Pattern and Finish

Finish attaching the studs in whatever pattern you'd like.



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    I love trench coats and I want to do this. :)

    You can find very cool trenches all the time at thrift and Sal Army stores for a few bucks and not feel any guilt about experimenting on a new spendy coat. Some time they are missing their belts which gives you even more things to play with---scarves; leather sashes. mens belts--ribbons---you name it.

    Tan trench with studded out wide black leather sash---mmmmmmmm...I even have a black leather trench I have been thinking about doing something with if I don't hack it up into a pair of chaps and a vest---cost a whopping $3 at Sal Army 1/2 price day---couldn't buy one tiny scrap of leather for that!!!!

    So cool! I love these coats!