Once when I was at my cousins for lunch I heard the sound of a chain saw. I looked out and found that the neighbors were clearing up the garden! I told the gardeners there that if they would chop me some logs I would pay them for it ;-) They agreed and I got myself some logs!

This was my biggest log and I used it for hammering nails and stuff when I do my projects. However, this evening while doing another project, my glance kept falling towards this log and I just couldn't resist making a stump stool!

It's so easy! it took me just 15 minutes to complete :-)

Step 1: Stump

Yes, you need a stump!

2" sponge. Mine is recycled. I salvaged it while my mom was re-cushioning! (yes, I'm a bit of a pack rat)

Water proof fabric as this is to be outdoors. I used Artificial Leather called Rexine.

Stapler or Tack nails and hammer


<p>What a cool looking stool. It remids me of a fairy tale. Making you happy now! </p>
<p>Thanks loads Sunshiine :-). Sending you a flying kiss now!</p>
Got it thanks!
Cool! I am in the process of making log stools and a table to honor our sacrificed tree. The tree bark will fall off eventually, mine did, but the remaining texture is so smooth. I think I'll varnish.
<p>wow....that sounds like a huge and awesome project! I would love to see it :-) . Looking forward to an instructable or pictures :^)</p>
<p>So cool looking!</p>
<p>Voted : )</p>
<p>Thank you so much :-) waiting for it to ne accepted in 2 more contests! Looking forward to your votes !</p>
<p>This is so awesome and rustic! I wish I could make one.</p>
<p>You could easily make one....once you get your log :-) . Substitute with nails if you don't have a heavy duty stapler.</p>
<p>Wow.... you got really lucky Shazni to find such a stump :). Great job. </p>
<p>Thanks! Yes, I was really lucky there....hope my luck last throughout the contest ;-)</p>
<p>Wow, you lucked out with that stump! It's so cool how it has vines growing around it and it makes a beautiful seat!</p>
<p>Thanks! yes I did :-D. What's funny is that the gardners thought the vines were not so great and considered it a defect. I said ' No, that's perfect cause it has character!'</p>
<p>Yeah, I can't believe they thought it was a defect! It's so cool looking!</p>
<p>Perfect for around the fire pit! Great job! :)</p>
<p>Thank you so much Natalie :-)</p>

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