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Introduction: DIY Style Pantry Outfit

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One of my favorite clients sent me this photo. She wanted to recreate this look. On a budget. I think it went well. What do you think?

Step 1: Skirt

I found this dress at thrift store.

Step 2: The Tee

This is a xtra large men's tee shirt that came from the Dollar Store. I love the graphics and the colors.

Step 3: the Skirt

Simply cut the top off the dress.(save for later project) Sew wide elastic to top of skirt to create a waistband.

Step 4: The Tee

Re size the men's t-shirt( I won't go into details here, there are tutorials and videos everywhere online) cut off bottom to create a crop top.

Step 5: Finished

Step 6: Thrifty Store Dress+Men's Tee=Cute Outfit

What do you think?



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    Yours is better!

    Nice job! Thrift stores are great for recreating expensive looks for a budget :)