Heres how you make a diy Stylus

Step 1: What You Need

You will need:

1. A Pen you dont want

2. Foil

4. A touch screen device

5. Tape (Any kind)

Step 2: Taking the Pen Apart

Take the pen apart!

(look at the photos)

Step 3: Folding the Foil

Put the the foil flat on the back if the cap and go around it and then take the cap out

Step 4: Putting the Cap On

Put the cap on backwards and tape it

Step 5: Put the Foil On

Easy, just put it on te backwards cap and tape the foil on

Step 6: Done!

Use the flat side and swipe around! ^_^ Make sure the foil in the middle doesnt sink down or it wont work

Step 7: Modifications

I used old headphones that didnt work, cut the cord, and taped it onto the pen, so it can go into the headphone jack of your device so you don't loose it, i also tore off the top of the pen so i can put the cord in there when its not in use.

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