Hi everybody, this is my first instructables, I hope you'll appreciate. I apologize in advance for my bad english...

Before to start with the introduction, I want to spend some words about the Instructables group of italian authors. If you're italian, please join the group. Contanct me, Darthorso or Lindarose92. We'll provide to add you in the group.

Unfortunely I have already completed the project and I can't provide you photos about the construction of the wood box and the filter. This project is a prototype that I will improve, replacing the actual woofers with other top performing.

The entire project has been build starting from zero, without any base. The low pass filter that is mounted into the box has been realized with inductor and capacitor constructed at the time. The calculations of the filter and the kind of it will be illustrated in the subsequent steps.

P.S. If you have any problem with the realisation, don't be shy, write me.

Step 1: Designing the Box

It may seem strange but the idea was born, observing the shoe that I have in my room. The shape I liked it right away, a rectangular square and compact. Then I equipped with a meter, and I have carried out the measurements of the box to make it happen. Before starting to cut every single panel, I have researched on internet and on DIY magazines what kind of material was better to build the box. At the end I chose the MDF panels.

A lot of audio speakers are made using MDF. This particular kind of wood is made from fine sawdust mixed with adhesive and pressed under high pressure, easy processing, good seal bonding, good availability make it the most widely used material in absolute. But as each material has disadvantages first of all it contains urea-formaldehyde which is a probable carcinogen and may cause allergy, eye and lung irritation when cutting and sanding.When MDF is cut a large quantity of dust particles are released into the air. It is important that a respirator be worn, for the entire time of exposure, and the material be cut in a controlled and ventilated environment. It is a good practice to seal the exposed edges to limit the emissions from the binders contained in this material. I personally use a respirator 3M, model 4079. It's very important for your health. Health is worth more than anything else.

I'm building a custom box for an 18 inch subwoofer for a home theater system with 3 4 inch ports need to know where I can purchase the 4-inch ports and the wire connector for the back of the box
Thank you all
<p>This is awesome and the explanation is really good!! Remember to take more photos for your next project, I'm looking forward to seeing what it will be! :D</p>
<p>My congratulations Gabriele! A great ible, full of instructions and interesting info!</p><p>Well done! :D</p>

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