Picture of DIY Suede Shift boot cover.
Designing, patterning, and sewing a shift boot/knob cover.

Tools required.
Sewing Machine (optional)

Materials required.
Leather, Suede, Alcantara, Fabric, Microfibre.

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Step 1: Cut and layout patterns

Picture of Cut and layout patterns
Have all your materials prepped and ready to sew.
Patterns may vary depending on shift knob and shift boot size.
Here I decided to combine the two into one continuous pattern.

Note the pre-stitch (1/8" in from the edge of the material)
this can be achieved by hand or machine.

Step 2: Lay out patterns

Picture of Lay out patterns
Lay them out onto the shift knob.

Step 3: Start sewing!

Picture of Start sewing!
With your needle and thread weave between the 1/8" pre-stitched border.

Step 4: Sewn tight

Picture of Sewn tight
Be sure to pull those seams tight.
The material will stretch to form the shape.

Step 5: Install

Picture of Install
Install and enjoy!
12setver2 months ago

Is that a 91' ? and where did you get the shift knob?

kretzlord3 years ago
looks good man, What is your ride? i've got a 318ti and this would look awesome on it
Very nice work.