Introduction: DIY Sugar Lip Scrub

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This is a very good lip scrub if you don't have any Chapstick at home, you can find these easy ingredients at home! Here's how

Step 1: Ingredients

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For this awesome lip scrub, you will need: Honey(1tbs) Maple syrup(1/2 tbs) Sugar(2tbs) Vaseline(1tbs) A bowl A spoon

Step 2: Mix... Tadam!!!

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Now all you need to do is mix every thing up until you get your scrub!!!! Thanks and if like it than please vote for the beauty contest! PS: all the pictures come from Pinterest! No copyright!


ichang2 (author)2013-08-31

Can you keep the lip scrub for a long time or can can you only keep it for a short time?

cupcake lover (author)2013-08-31

Thank you

ichang2 (author)2013-08-30

It's really good

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