Step 1: To Do a Seashell Lamp You Need!

You need :
1) shells;
2) led string light - http://bit.ly/29ev50o;
3) scissor;
4) glue gun;
5) bamboo lace mat;
6) plastic plate.

Step 2: In This DIY Room Decor Tutorial I Show How to Make a Seashell Lamp With Led String Light.

Step 3: Using These Shells I Transformed My Room Absolutely Stunning for Summer!

Step 4: Very Cool and Easy Idea to Display Your Shells and Great for a Tropical Themed Room!

Step 5: Handmade Project for Your Room!

Step 6: Thanks for Watching My D.I.Y. Seashell Lamp, Hope You Like It!

Enjoy these instructables!

<p>Looks really cool!</p>

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