DIY Super Easy Wood Shelf


Introduction: DIY Super Easy Wood Shelf

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I love reusing wood and building new things out of it. This is the first of many projects that we'll be showing you guys. The total cost was ~$50 because I needs a few extras that some people may have around. I'm the owner of and I'm using DEWALT DW715. Of course, you can even have the home improvement store cut a piece of wood for you. Many local Home Depot cuts all lumber for free which significantly cut down on the total cost of this build. The hardest part was fashioning and fitting the cutlery, be sure to invest in decent metal drill bits and saws! You can make the shelves any of a wide variety of sizes. Be careful with any power tools you use and take proper safety precautions.

Tools I used:

Chop saw

Scroll saw

Orbital sander

18ga nail gun




wood glue


If your guys like this i will post a video of this project, it is very easy to build and very convenient.Note: I'm not a professional wood worker, this is just a hobby/test.

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