DIY Super Electromagnet





Introduction: DIY Super Electromagnet

How to Make a BIG and Powerful Electromagnet with the Primary of the transformer of a microwave oven. Remove the Secondary. With Iron or Steel (ferromagnetic materials) it attracts with a really great strength. With non ferrous metals like aluminum and copper it repels them due to Eddy currents.



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Quick question, could you cut off the excess ends of the "E" to lighten it?

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It is possible, but I don't know how much, because the E does an important function. Increases the magnetic permeability so the magnetic field is channeled better in one direction.

How hot does it get, and could I cut the excess ferrite off the transformer to make it lighter?

How long can you keep the magnet on without tripping a breaker? Have mine hooked up to a power strip which trips after a few seconds. Tempted to plug directly into a wall outlet but i dont want to risk overheating the coils.

Hi, could you tell me what is your input source (voltage value) and if this electromagnet works with AC (50 - 100 Hz) input?

Thank you

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230 volt 50 Hz. But if you live in a 120 volt 60 Hz country you will find microwave oven transformers that work with that values so it is more or less the same.


What did you connect the wires from the primary core to?

How strong is it?