Picture of DIY Surgical/Scrub Hat
Working in the OR, I always see doctors and nurses walking around wearing cute scrub hats. So not wanting to wear those stupid looking blue disposable ones, I looked into purchasing a few. After seeing the outrageous prices some companies were charging, I set out to make my own. Challenge accepted. I couldn't find a decent *free* pattern online so I ended up just creating my own.


Supplies needed:

- 1/3 yd of Main Fabric of your choosing. (If 44 inches wide, should be enough for both pieces)
- Accent Fabric (or scrap fabric) that is at least 8 1/2 by 11 inches
- 1/2 inch wide Elastic Band
- Ruler and/or Measuring Tape
- Pins
- Scissors
- Sewing Machine and Thread (matching your fabric)
- Iron/Ironing Board
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Step 1: Step 1: Cutting the Fabric

You will need to cut out two pieces of fabric. One of for the main body of the hat and one for the top. (Use the iron to help flatten out the kinks and folds in the fabric before cutting.)

For the main body of the hat, cut a rectangular piece of fabric with the dimensions 12 x 30 inches. 

For the top of the hat, I created a pattern using one 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. Just make sure that one end of the fabric is flat. A sample of what it should look like is included. 
Is there a printable version of the text?

its totoro!!

myrhino8 months ago

I am so excited I found your surgical scrub hat! And was
wanting to make one for my brother in law.. I saw at the end of the post
you said that you were working on a male size/version... was wondering
if you had ever finished it...or if you could guide me as to what I
would have to change to make this one work for a man

bhinchman10 months ago
Love your scrub. I was looking for a child's pattern for my Grandson who loves to play Dr. Do you have a small scale size. Thank you.
shannonj741 year ago
OK, so this is old news for everyone but me. Thank you for the fantastic pattern and my bestie (OR nurse in Portland, Orrygun) is completely PSYCHED. Now I'm the hero, thanks to you. Which makes you awesome-er.
hellopf1 year ago
Nice tutorial. Could you possibly post a pic of you (or another person) wearing the hat so I can get an idea of how it looks on a real person? Totoro is really cute but it is hard to tell about how it will fit on a human head. THANKS!
wildcat03 (author)  hellopf1 year ago
Sure! Does this help?
Nice work. I'll have to pass this along to my wife. She is an L & D nurse and likes to wear fun hats in the OR.
wildcat03 (author)  Kurt E. Clothier1 year ago
Awesome hat and great instructions! Also, I love that you showed off your hat by putting it on your Totoro! You should really put a picture of Totoro wearing it in the intro step - It's awesome!
wildcat03 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago
thanks for the suggestion!