This is my entry for the survival challenge and the hack it challenge. This is a survival bow that is made out of pvc and nylon string braided. I came up with this idea a while back when I had bought a pvc pipe and had some left over........ and this happened! It consists of SCH 80 PVC pipe, and a nylon string braided. I used rainbow string for added fun! *+*+*+*+*WARNING*+*+*+*+* I am not liable if you end up killing yourself making this project.
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Step 2: Cut to specified length

Picture of Cut to specified length
Cut your newly acquired pipe to the length that suits your needs. For example, a grown man`s longbow should be about 5` feet long

Step 3: Saw the ends for the string

this is also simple. Use a saw and cut the notches for the string and make sure they are straight so you don't get spung by the string when you pull back to shoot. I know that by personal experience xD!

Step 4: Make the string

you now need to braid the string. this is a tedious process that will take a while to do, but if done well, will make a string that will last years to come. After that knot the string so it makes a place for the notch to hold onto.

Hilarious and sad you have to add the caveat regarding 'if you kill yourself... I'm not responsible'. Signs of our times!

Do you use standard arrows with this? How long would you make the bow for a person 5'3"?

Robert528 months ago

I know you used Sch 80 PVC but what size or diameter of PVC did you use for this project, 3/8", 1/2" 1" ???

newwarhammer2 (author)  Robert528 months ago

Wow.... people still use this instructable. Anyway onto your question. i used Schedule 80, 1/2" Inner diameter PVC pipe. Thanks for looking!

I love this idea and want to try it this weekend. I have 3 questions; what size string did you use to make the braid? What did you use to make the ledge? Could you go into more detail about the knot so you can string the bow?

newwarhammer2 (author)  swampfox17761 year ago
1. I used some nylon string guesstimating....... about 1-2 mm thick. you could go the easy route and use just strait 550 para-cord.
2. I used some plastic off of something. you could just use a small piece of wood and duct tape and electrical tape it on like I did LOL!
3.I used a simple knot-with-in-a-knot method, double knot, what ever you want to call it. i doesnt matter what knot it is as long as it wont slip!

just remember to make your notches deep enough and thin enough that the string wont slip out and sping you in the head!
And use Schedule 80 ONLY!!
Its cool that someone is still using this instructable.
thanks for your question!