DIY Synth Wood Case




Introduction: DIY Synth Wood Case

This is plans to make your own DIY Synth Wood Case.

Enjoy and Customise it like you want.

Step 1: First Wood Cut

You need to cut a first plank of wood to make this first part.

I used a 15mm wood plank.

(the holes are not required, it's up to you with your sound installation)

Step 2: Second Wood Cut

In a second time, you need to cut an other plank of wood, to make this piece. This is for the upper part of the DIY analog Synth

I used the same 15 mm plank

(also, holes are not required to make wath you want with this part)

Step 3: Third Wood Cut

The third and last cut step is for cut the 2 lateral parts.

Step 4: Assembling and Plans

For finishing, assemble the 4 pieces as in the drawing.

You must use a screwdriver and wood screws.

You can see sizes in picture, and download the sketchup plans if you want.



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