Hey Guys,
I am Back With Another project.
In This Instructable I am Going To show You How To Make this Cheap & Portable
TICTAC Speaker With A SuperBright LedLAMP

How Can This Mini Little Box Help Anyone?
Yes It can,In Many Ways
1)It Will Help You When You Dont Have A Flashlight For taking Photos.(believe me it provides really bright light)
2)Power Gone??Dont Worry We Have This Tic Tac Box with us Always In our Pocket.
3)Listen To Your Favorite Music AnyTime. :) (USING AN AUX CABLE)

Step 1: Watch the Tutorial!

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Step 2: What All Will You Need?

1)A male USB Jack
6)LED PANEL(i got mine from a 5v cheapo usb light)

Step 3: Making Space for All the Components!

1)Drill A Big Hole In the front for the speaker
2)Drill 1 Hole For The Slide Switch
3)1 Hole for The AUX port
4)Cut off the Cap Opener

Step 4: Soldering and Mounting USB JACK

1)SOLDER TWO wires To Positive & the Negative terminal of the USB jack(Make Sure To Check Which One is Positive And Which One Is Negative)
2) Mount The USB JACK on The Opening of the Cap of The Tic Tac Box Cap with the help of Hot Glue.

Step 5: Soldering the Speaker & Mounting It.

Solder the Positive Wire & Negative Wire From The Speaker to The Positive & Negative Output Of
Pam 8403
(Make Sure To Solder In right Polarities)
Place The speaker onto the front of the tic tac box And Glue It As shown in the picture on all sides of the speaker.

Step 6: Soldering the AUX INPUT

Solder 3 Wires To the Female AUX Port

Step 7: Placing the LED Panel

Apply Some Hot Glue On The Led Panel & Place It On The Back Of The TicTac Box
Solder The negative Wire From The USB Jack To the LED Panel & Positive Wire From USB Goes To the Switch & From The Switch To The Positive Of LED Panel
USB Positive>Switch
Wire From Switch>Positive On LED Panel
USB Negative>Negative Of LED Panel

Step 8: Placing the Amplifier Inside

Apply A Small Amount Of Hot Glue On The Back Of The PAM8403
Place It Inside The Tic Tac Box As Shown In The Photo
Make Sure You Solder All The Wires Onto The Amplifier
3 Wires From Female AUX Port>Audio Input Of The PAM8403
Audio Output From PAM8403>Speaker
Positive&Negative Wires From USB Jack>Power Input Of PAM8403

Step 9: Closing the Enclosure

Close The Enclosure & Make Sure That You Missed Nothing

Step 10: We Are Done.!

Now We Are Done & Ready To use The Tic Tac Speaker & LED lamp
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Thanks A LOT For Reading!!!
See You Guys next time!
Jai Guruji

<p>awesome project :)</p>
<p>what is the link for the speaker</p>
You earns my vote!!! That is really cool
<p>Nice job, and you see, it's featured! :)</p>
<p>Cute project, I like that you used a tictac box :) </p>
Thank You.
Great instructable. I would suggest spray paint or maybe an op amp, but all the same, you've earned a vote
I Am Really Glad To hear That Sir. :))
Would u mind giving my contest entry a looksie?
i did it already, even before you asked me to. :))
Yay! Thanks a bunch!

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