This project is not very useful, but it's still fun.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Click here if the link above does not work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3zlN465Ojo

Step 2: What You'll Need

You will need these tools:

_Alligator clips

_A power supply that can deliver a considerable amount of current (an ATX power supply is totally fine)

You'll also need these materials:

_Aluminium foil

_A paperclip

Step 3: The Wiring

Connect a piece of foil to the ground an a unmade paperclip to the +12 volts.

Step 4: Let's Have Some Fun!

Now, just just need to touch the edge of the foil with the paperclip and watch small plasma-arcs forming at the contact point. And if you need to cut a precisely shaped hole in a sheet of foil, this thing can even be useful! :D

<p>its not a plasma (just aluminum heated by high currency flow through thin conductor)</p>
<p>Yes it is (in the end of the video, at the beginning there are only sparks..)</p>
<p>DO YOU WANT TO SEE REAL PLASMA click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7WJHn56l3k</p>
How could this project be scaled up, to say, be able to weld aluminum??
<p>You'll need some welding rods and MUCH more current. You can hack some microwave oven transformers to transform them into ''converters'' (just replace the second coil with a thick copper wire). Like this, your 12 volts and 32 amps from the beginning will become 1.5 volts and 75 amps, and then, you'll be maybe able to weld something. </p>
<p>75 amps will certainly melt something, but 1.5 volts isn't going to give you any penetration of the metal which is necessary for a strong weld.</p>
<p>True, but you can still weld metals witha very low melting point, like gallium (even if it's in the TOP 10 of the most useless things in the world).</p>

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