DIY Table and Lamp (from Old Audio Tapes)


Introduction: DIY Table and Lamp (from Old Audio Tapes)

I had loads of old audio tapes and my mother thought of throwing it out.

At an individual level, I thought of what I could do and decided to make a table out of it. It was a need too!

And this is where I ended up. Making a table out of audio tape and then fixing light to it.

Step 1: Joining the Tapes

Initially, I was in a fix as to how I would join the tapes together. I tried using silicone tubes but the tapes broke.

Then, I decided to use m-seal an adhesive to fix pipes. That helped and the tapes were firmly fixed. I used to generously though.

Step 2: Adding Light to the Table

After securing the base, I slowly started adding the tapes to construct the table.

Initially, I only planned to make a table, but then I went one step ahead. I made the table top removable. So, I had an old unused broken lamp and I used that to fix light inside the table.

So, it works multipurpose. I can use it for storage, as light or as table or all in one.

If you want it to be mobile, you can use wheels at the bottom of the table.

It took me a month to complete this.



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    This looks amazing! I have a repurposed casette tape wallet. It's cool to see another awesome and effective repurposing of casette tapes.

    What kind of thing in here have anything to do with minecraft??

    I can see that you might have been trying to reproduce the glowstone look. But as other folks have said, you don't connect this to Minecraft in your instructions. It's an interesting build otherwise.

    How does this have anything to do with minecraft?

    nice work, do you have more photos of the process of making this Instructable?

    I've wanted to make a lamp from tapes for so many years! The problem is that I can't ever find any. The local thrift stores don't have them around much any more.