DIY Tablet Case





Introduction: DIY Tablet Case

I made a case for the new tablet of my mom, from an old hardcover notebook. The only materials you need are:

- Old hardcover notebook. But you can make it with hard cardboard (about 2 o 3 mm)

- glue

- black fabric (drill)

- scissors

- thread

Step 1: Cover

First, I take the paper-pad off,and take the bright laminated off from the cover. The cover was cut to get 15 x 24 cm, and the spine about 1 cm.

I cut a piece of frabic about 24 x 34 cm.

With my sewing machine I make an embroidery, just for decor.

Step 2: Covered

Spread glue on the card board and paste over the fabric, cut the corner, and paste the excess over the other side of the cardboard.

Cut a cardboard frame about 12 x 21 cm and cover it with fabric, the excess is used for join the frame with the cover, it is glue between the cover and a piece of fabric.

That's all.

Step 3:



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Looks good! I like the decorative sewing you did on the fabric :)