Introduction: DIY Tanagram

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The tanagram is an ancient Chinese puzzle that can be assembled different ways (i.e. square, rabbit, dog, ext.) It is super easy to make, but may not be as easy to solve.

Note: This project requires use of a knife, although the instructions do not require you to use the knife in a dangerous way, make this project at your own risk.

Step 1: Cut a Square

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*Don't forget to put the cutting board under the cardboard.

Using the ruler, cut four equal lines each connected in a right angle. I recommend that you don't make your square too small.

Note: When cutting the cardboard, try to just penetrate the cardboard instead of cutting all the way through the cardboard. When you have finished the last step, then cut all the way through the cardboard. This makes it easier to cut smaller lines.

Step 2: Materials

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Cardboard, knife (I used a box knife), ruler, marker (recommended), cutting board (also recommended.)

Step 3: Cut a Diagonal Line

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Cut ONE diagonal line from opposite corners of the square.

Step 4: Cut a Half Diagonal Line

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From one untouched corner, cut a diagonal line from the corner to the complete diagonal line.

Step 5: Cut a Triangle

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From the end of the diagonal line that meets the triangle in the corner, cut down to create a triangle and a parallelogram.

Step 6: Cut Off the Corner

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From the end of the last line, cut a line that cuts off the corner.

Step 7: Cut Another Square

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From the point of the triangle you just created, cut a line to the first diagonal line you made, to make a square.

Step 8: Cut Out All the Way and Clean Up Edges

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Now you can cut all the way through the cardboard on the lines you already created, and clean up any rough edges.


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