Tape Measure Upgrade for EDC Pocket Knives (swiss Army Type)





Introduction: Tape Measure Upgrade for EDC Pocket Knives (swiss Army Type)

I wanted a ruler on my new EDC (every day carry) pocket knife, the Victorinox Cybertool 41.
So I decided to make myself a tape measure upgrade which can be easily done in different ways for any Victorinox knife.

Step 1: Print

Things you will need:

- 1x Din A4 sheet of paper, either white or colored, I used yellow

- cutter knife

- scissors

- metal ruler

- printer

- scotch tape

Print the file "Meterstick (cm and inches)" from the website http://www.vendian.org/mncharity/dir3/paper_ruler... on a page of color of your choice. Make sure to disable all "fit to page" options of your printer driver so that the tape measure won't be wrong scaled.

Step 2: Cut and Glue

The printed page now contains two tape measures of 1m both with cm and inch scales.
Decide which one you want and how long it shall be.

I found that 0.5m and 0.5mm thickness are good dimensions which should fit to any knife.

Cut everything out as shown in the picture with metal ruler and the cutter. Glue the parts together with scotch tape.

Step 3: Fit It Into Your Knife

Fold everything either to either 3.5cm (for Victorinox Cybertools) or 3cm length (for all pen kinfes with a cork srew).
Fit it in your pocket knife as you see it in the pictures.

Step 4: Be Ready to Measure!

If you carry your pocket knife (multi tool) with you every day, you will now have an auxiliary 50cm (or 20inch) tape measure with you all the time!



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I have been thinking about this myself for a while, but you have gone down an easier root thanks for sharing. One comment you can get 1m paper rules from IKEA for free this makes this hack very easy!

That for your feedback! And thx for sharing the tip with ikea!
I actually updated my paper ruler by putting scotch tape on both sides to make it more resistant. If you do it carefully it will still fit (even if it should be then nearly 3 times as thick as before...) in the same space between pliers and the cybertool screwdriver even with 50 cm length quite well. I use the same paper-scotch tape measur since I posted this thread and it still is looks great.

This is a great idea! So useful, but so simple!

Thanks a lot! I found myself using it in everyday situations several times by now :)