Step 8: Aftercare

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Afterwards you should clean the tattoo again and put something on it to protect it like saran wrap.

After a few hours you should be able to take the saran wrap off and use regular unscented lotion for a few days. Keep the tattoo out of sunlight for the first 2 days as well.

Hope you enjoyed this instructable, Please comment with any improvements or experiences. I want to thank my friends Rachael, Laura and Misha for letting them document the tattooing process. Im actually too much of a wussy and didn't get one, but now i wrote up this instructable i really should.

Instructables robot maybe?

FårøukK25 days ago

I will try it

After getting the tattoo try to avoid going swimming in pools or lakes/oceans for a couple of days/weeks to reduce risk of infection.

Chelodina28994 months ago

Thanks so much for putting a well-written instructable on how to do stick and poke tattoos, i would've been lost without you. I got a tooth, it's very personal to me.

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Thank you so much for this tutorial. My kitty just passed away and this was the perfect craft project to remember him by.

Erik Ezrin5 months ago
Marsh1 year ago

This style of tattooing originated with a bamboo or bone stylus that you can make yourself. Carve to a sharp point, but let it widen quickly to make it hard to penetrate very deep. Bamboo and bone are porous enough that they will hold plenty of ink without thread (which is a source of infection). Wearing gloves while doing this will reduce the chance of infection too.


Marsh ! Did you carve this yourself? How do you sanitize the bone? Or antler? Thanks !

kmarie421 year ago
This is in no way sanitary. As a tattoo artist myself I feel like I have to stress that there are high possibilities of infection with this method bc you are pushing bloody ink back into your skin with the thread. It is never wise to try doing your own tattoos it's also not safe and should not be taught as a DIY to anyone.
IanP3 kmarie429 months ago

when I did both of mine, I went ink, stab, alcohol, repeat. I also swabbed the skin each time with alcohol before stabbing myself again.

B3cc4L0v3 kmarie4210 months ago

Well, actually...it specifically stated that you don't want to tie the string too far down, so it shouldn't be touching the blood or anything. As long as everything is sterile, I see no problem at all. This method has been used for centuries, and those people turned out just fine. Just because in the modern age, some one who gives a tattoo is labeled as a "tattoo artist" - doesn't make them any more experienced or qualified. People have been modifying their bodies long before we were around. C;

leprowler1 year ago

I use India ink, I did a stick poke tattoo in blue India ink when I was 11, and it's still there, and I wasn't infected at all.

So, you carefully sterilized the needle and your skin... but you neglect the string and the lid. Good luck with that.

pimpdoubt1 year ago

I'm horrified to see people horrified. Yes you should wear gloves to prevent a bacterial infection, but you have no chance of spreading a virus to yourself.

mariseo1 year ago

I love tattoos, but there is no way in hell that i will do this, i would rather go to a professional and get it right first time around, this way there is too much pain, and the risk of infection, and allergic reactions are too great. No thanks!!

corrado901 year ago
While this is close to the way it was done hundreds and thousands of years ago modern tattoo practices of getting them done at a reputable licensed shop is always the safest most hygienic way of going about it. Yes this may be cheaper, but it's most definitely not the correct way to do it.
Anyone interested in using colors you could try legitimate tattoo ink. Buddha black and millennium mom's inks are sold to the general public at about $6.00 a 1/2 oz I believe. Although I've never used professional ink on less than professional equipment. But hey at least you know the ink should hold well.
nedsped1 year ago

The thread holds ink in it for the tip. Since so many are asking about this I figured someone should answer them... I hope this helps. ;)

mantill1 year ago

why wrap the needle with thread?

Awesome!!!!!!!!! I want to try it! I'm going to try and convince my husband to do it too.

ktang11 year ago

Also, remember there are laws in each state about tattoos! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legal_status_of_tatto...

I love home made tattoos. They all say the same thing, "Live for today" and "I'm a badass!". Knuckle up and do it Frenzy.

jadronx2 years ago
be careful with inks, try to use water-based ink, or calligraphy ink (higgans) if you use ink for a regular pen your body will reject the ink and for some people can be a very painful dangerous process...rotting flesh ect.

i have had great results with just the calligraphy ink used here. i highly recommend it.
Thanks! I have a cute lightning bolt on my wrist :) Great tutorial, easy to follow
awesome instrcutable. as an idiotic teenager, I had the ill advised idea of just slicing my skin open (i think i burned it actually...) and pour ink into it. needless to say it was pretty stupid and the ink didn't stick. now, as a slightly less idiotic 20-something I will try this method :) thanks!
imoshroom3 years ago
i did it, and it worked...so thanks for tutorial and good luck with your own tattoo...
runfromnuke5 years ago
 I'm a little confused about wrapping the needle with thread.  Do you tie it to both ends, or do you run it through the eye and then wrap?

Also, will this method work with different colours if you keep changing the needles and thread for different colours?
frenzy (author)  runfromnuke5 years ago
You start wrapping at the base and follow up the needle and back down, then tie it off. If you wrap it tight enough it will be good

As long as you can find the different ink, you could do it.