Step 8: Aftercare

Afterwards you should clean the tattoo again and put something on it to protect it like saran wrap.

After a few hours you should be able to take the saran wrap off and use regular unscented lotion for a few days. Keep the tattoo out of sunlight for the first 2 days as well.

Hope you enjoyed this instructable, Please comment with any improvements or experiences. I want to thank my friends Rachael, Laura and Misha for letting them document the tattooing process. Im actually too much of a wussy and didn't get one, but now i wrote up this instructable i really should.

Instructables robot maybe?

Just wondering. What type of ink exactly?? If you could can you link me also where to buy it.
<p>if you cant get tattoo Higgins India Ink, </p><p>http://www.joann.com/chartpak-higgins-india-ink-1oz-matte-black/8729238.html#sz=36&amp;start=73</p>
India ink works best for short game. You should be able to find it at any decent art supply store, usually in the calligraphy section. There are better inks you can use but they take a lot of work to make.
I know you're suppose to put plastic wrap on it, but what if it's a place where it won't wrap.
Tape, but most stick and pokes aren't big enough to need plastic wrap.
As someone who works in the body mods industry i would just like to say one thing; heating the needle on an open flame does not sterilise it -_- for the needle or instrument to be considered sterilised it must be heated to 134.4 degrees (at this temperature bacteria and other microbes cannot survive)..obviously this is not something you can do with a lighter (usually this is done in an autoclave) but since not everyone has access to an autoclave i recommend purchasing sterilised tattoo needles. These can be bought cheaply via ebay or some body mods websites even offer the service. These not only hold the ink better but also reduce the risk of infection. Always remember to swab the skin with an alcohol wipe first. Always wear gloves and wash your hands before and after the tattoo is done :) good luck xx
<p>wait what....???? 134 degrees celsius ?? thats very easily reached by any open flame directly in the flame... a bic lighter will burn at approx 800degrees</p>
<p>no no not Celsius </p>
<p>no no not Celsius </p>
<p>no no not Celsius </p>
Just telling you what i know from experience (And the infection control course that i had to complete as part of my job) Most of the customers i dealt with that had severe infections &quot;sterilised&quot; their needles with a lighter. If you wanna do it that way go for it. But honestly you can pick up pre-sterilised tattoo needles on ebay for like $6. You literally have nothing to lose.
Also. The 134.4 degrees had to be maintained for atleast 45 minutes at a constant temperature. You cant just burn the fuck out of the needle at 800 degrees.
<p>Use a propane torch. </p>
How long should you hold the needle in the flame to make sure it's completely sterile?
<p>When doing stick and pokes please do not use paper towels, use sterile gauze. Its cheep and works well and dose not leave fibers that can get stuck under the skin as well as being sterile.</p>
I'm 15 years old (I'm sensitive to pain) and I really want to try this. I have a few questions before starting: on a scale of 1-10 how much does it hurt? is it permanent for life or..?
<p>Pain depends on placement, go for a place that has more fat under it. Don't go for joints or places with thin skin. Stick and pokes hurt more than tattoos done with a gun. Stick and pokes are permeant but will fade over time. The reason they are permeant is not because the ink is stuck under scar tissue but because it is embedded in the dermis (the uppermost layer of skin), the scar tissue is just a result of the stabbing. I would urge you to wait to get any tattoos until you are at least 17. I got my first tattoo when i was 15 and as much as i liked it at the time i should not have gotten it. I understand this is something you want to do and the way people are reacting to how young you are is rude but they do have a point, you are young and permeant life choices made so young tend to be regrettable. Be careful. </p>
<p>Its a regular tattoo, just done differently. So yes its permanent. I have 7 tats. Most stick n' poke, but it depends where you do them. The infinity on my ankle hurt like a bitch because it was right by the bone. The tattoo on my inner wrist hurt really bad because the skin is thin and sensitive. The one on my lower torso hurt as well because I'm really sensitive there personally. My under-boob one was probably the worst. It hurt, but at the same tickled because the skin is really sensitive there, and it was close to my ribs. So I learned that if you tattoo yourself somewhere where the skin is thin and/or close to the bone, it's gonna hurt more than anywhere else. I don't recommend you get a tattoo anywhere near those places if you don't have a high pain tolerance and/or you've never had a tattoo before. </p>
I'm 15 and I've done 3 on my self and from what I've noticed Pain depends on location. The one on my ankle was (2/10) the one on my my face was (5/10) and the one on my wrist was (3/10) but I do have a really high pain tallerance. And it is permanent because the ink is trapped under the scars. <br>Good Luck??
<p>A face tattoo at 15? Your family must be so proud. Come on, kiddo. Save the face tattoos for prisoners. You do want a decent job eventually, right? And respect? I'm not trying to be harsh. I'm being realistic. Don't ruin your face. Please. If you have to get tattoos, get them somewhere you won't be embarrassed about when you're older. You have a lot of other body space.</p><p>*tolerance.</p>
Tattoos hurts these are not tattoos. They are attempts at being cool that you will regret later on. At least think it through guys.
<p>I'm 14, have done 2 on myself with 2 more in the planning process. The amount of pain is all about location, location, location. The one on my wrist was easy and barely hurt at all (2/10), the one on my ankle hurt more than I thought it would (7/10). They are permanent if done correctly so the design should have meaning to you and should be thought over in depth. </p>
<p>of course its permanent its ink traped under scars!!!!!!!!!</p>
<p>It really all depends on you. Also it depends on where you do it. Because its a stick n poke it probably wont last completely forever but it can for a while after you do it. If you want some more info check here-http://fyeahstick-n-poke.tumblr.com/faq thats what I looked at</p>
<p>Could someone with somewhat of an experience with stick and poke tell me how they think this would turn out, not sure if its too intricate, especially the leaves in the doves beak. im planning on getting it about 2 inches wide inside my forearm under the crease of my elbow. </p>
<p>It depends on the person who is doing it, for someone who is relatively competent that is completely doable, but if this is their first time doing stick and poke this is pretty ambitious. Big swoops can be hard to keep clean looking but that brach should be one of the easier parts of the tattoo. Depending on your pain tolerance and how boney you are you might want to consider a different spot. For a tattoo like this i would invest in actual tattoo needles, these can still be used in stick and poke but do a little research. You can buy good and cheap ones on Amazon. I would suggest 3lr's (thats a size and type of needle). If you use an actual tattoo needle it will cut down on how many times you have to go over the line and give a better line. I would suggest getting someone else to do it, its easier if the person giving the tattoo can't feel the pain. Also ice the area you aren going tattoo before tattooing, take brakes and ice if the pain is getting unbearable. </p><p>Experience: Ive been doing stick and pokes for a little more than a year, probably done 5 or 6. Not extremely experienced but competent. </p><p>Good luck with your tattoo!!! </p>
Go 4.5 inches so you can see the leaves better
<p>To get the lines to appear solid you'd need to go over it many times. Because your design is large that would take quite a long time, 1-2 hours. Modifying the branches in the dove's beak to me simpler is probably a good idea especially if your artistic ability isn't the best or your hand isn't steady. Your chosen location will hurt more than others but won't be severe. Please wear gloves and clean everything very well with hydrogen peroxide. <br><br>Experience: Tattooed myself twice and two of my friends. Have two more planned for myself in the near future and, three planned for friends. No infections or complications have risen.</p>
not bad. it'll probs just take time and patience.
<p>I done my tats 41 yrs ago with just a regular ink pen and a needle, no thread. I drew what I wanted and went over it time and time again to get plenty of ink and just started poking, they are still there and still dark.</p>
And you've had no infection from pen ink right?
<p>Any chance you could post a picture? I'm interested in how they turned out.</p>
<p>do not use pen ink. seriously DO NOT USE PEN INK! assuming it doesn't get infected it will completely or almost completely fade and you will be left with a very weird scar. I have never seen pen ink end in anything decent.</p>
Have you used pen ink? I mean the part with that infection
I wanted to see how hard I needed to push to get the needle in but I can't break the skin.? Do I need to use a smaller needle or am I just bring a wuss?
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Come on guys. All you tat artists have one valid point: Sterilize everything. Other than that? You guys are just jealous because people are not coming to you for tats. Shut up! I have given myself several of these and have sterilized everything. You want to know something else? I am not dead. Also, this is a pic of my first. The three dots mean something personal to me. And this was made with calligraphy pen ink and just a burnt needle (no string, thats just dangerous). Whole setup cost me $7.49 at Hobby Lobby. Now, 6 months later, I have professional grade tattoo needles, India ink AND tattoo ink, and a bunch of alchohol pads. So stop being jealous and embrace creativity.
<p>Several tats and you show the one thats hardly vis able come on dude...</p><p>India ink is okay for beginning, I find it doesn't stick very well as professional ink does, I have Black Dynamic it's cheap, it's much bolder and sticks much better too. If anybody plans on doing a lot of stick &amp; pokes in the future I would recommend to buy some professional quality, its worth it. Also get some actual tattoo needles 3RL always works for me more it's more efficient and less time consuming, than sewing needles.</p>
A 5RL or bigger does just as good its just how big you want your lines bc its a liner needle your using
<p>This is not creativity.</p><p>It's not creativity to put paint your balls and then tea bag the canvas.</p><p>If three dots mean something to you and you want to be the one putting them on your arm, fine. Your choice. But don't call it creativity. </p><p>It's amateurish and stupid to make your own tattoos if you're not a decent artist. And if you are, you'd know that you should let somebody who does this for a living do it instead of you. </p>
<p>actually yes that can be called creative I've seen much worse splattered on canvas, skin, even particular board and it was art. Get it? It obviously came from trial and error but if it works it works especially for the person that wears it, the fact that the &quot;professionals &quot; even charge more than a few dollars above cost of materials is more disgusting than finding a safe and sterile way of expressing yourself. It's been done for centuries and I'm sure they didn't go to a professional to over pay for something that was manufactured. I'm sure they went to the friend of a friend that did great work with love and care for a fraction of the price.</p>
<p>It's their own tats whatever it's their artful work. Well I don't do this for a living more so for hobby who cares! I do it more for the fun! Plus much cheaper and its your own style, for me there's a lot more satisfaction of having my own art tattooed by myself plus it's a lot more creative than getting someone else's artful works tattooed on you. But three dots man jesus... Are you in a gang or something? lol </p>
<p>Sounds like you don't understand how art works.</p>
So what your saying is that its not art if it isn't on a canvas? Modern artist will tear you up over saying that..
I don't see anything... Sorry.
<p>This was fun doing, I just have on question... How do I make it to where there isnt a gap between each on?</p>
Closer pokes into your skin
<p>This was fun doing, I just have on question... How do I make it to where there isnt a gap between each on?</p>
Wow seriously alot of opinionated assholes on here just let ppl do what they want.