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In this instructable, i will teach you how to make a very effective tazer out of a bug zapper .


Do not use this on anyone with a weak heart or pacemaker!

Step 1: Step 1: What You Need

Picture of Step 1: What You Need
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TazeR 003.jpg
TazeR 004.jpg
You will need:
A bug zapper
A 9 volt battery clip
A soldering iron
9 volt battery
1 Blue led ( or any other color )
1 100 ohm resistor
1 220 ohm resistor
Hot glue gun and glue
Wire cutters/ strippers
Wall adaptor ( see image )
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Varrma7 months ago

Can i put a more powerful resistor so that the zapping power reduces and it doesn't hurt much.

chala.ranjith11 months ago

how it hurts?

dillonxti1 year ago

try doing a flyback transformer taser

also I definitely could not do any of this without getting caught

what was the battery about?

freeza363 years ago
Can you just leave out the LED's? I am not necessarily the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to electronics. Plus i'd have to do it all without getting caught.
XOIIO (author)  freeza363 years ago
Yeah, I just threw them in so it looked cool, and was an obvious sign that it was on.
freeza36 XOIIO3 years ago
Ok thanks
lemonie6 years ago
I'm not going to download these videos 'cos they look a bit big - what bit rate did you save 'em at and how long are they? L
XOIIO (author)  lemonie6 years ago
well, you don't need to download it, just press open instead of save. I don't know for sure, I think they are 16 bit, I don't know what the standard is, they are each about 1 minute.
lemonie XOIIO6 years ago
I have to transfer the data from Instructables to my machine, which is a download (to me). At 1 minute each I think the bit-rate is higher than necessary ~1.5 Mbps perhaps, 512Kbps would probably do? L
XOIIO (author)  lemonie6 years ago
Probably, I don't have much experience with bit rate though.
frollard XOIIO6 years ago
just upload them to youtube, then you can a) embed them and b) save instructibles the bandwidth :D
XOIIO (author)  frollard6 years ago
I might, but it seems like too much of a hassel.
frollard XOIIO6 years ago
you already uploaded them to ibles - its 5 minutes work for the greater good of all humanity. :-)
XOIIO (author)  frollard6 years ago
ill try to do it soon, but i have a control freak mother. i hope that she ;ets me upload them to youtube.
Then, pardon my French, HOW THE EFF DID YOU BUILD THIS.
XOIIO (author)  natman34005 years ago
Meh, I was bored and I love electronics.
But how did your mom let you?
XOIIO (author)  natman34005 years ago
She didn't know ;)
That must have been hard
XOIIO (author)  natman34005 years ago
Not really, it was an overnight project.
freeza36 XOIIO3 years ago
My mom would be the same way. I might smuggle a bug zapper from my grandpas house.
eliasware4 years ago
what gauge wire??
XOIIO (author)  eliasware4 years ago
It was just some scrap from a radio or computer or something.
ARJOON4 years ago
could you reverse engineer this bug zapper and post it's schmatic it doesn't look so complex. or just take some pictures so that i do it myself. in Mauritius these things are illegal
tommiesmee4 years ago
i'd probably be better if you'd upload the video's to youtube, they load very slow this way.
i've been thinking of how to make a tazer, but never thought of using a bug zapper (never liked those). good idea! =D
Alex1M65 years ago
Will a 9v battery destroy any of the components if it was originally designed for 2 AA battery's?
XOIIO (author)  Alex1M65 years ago
Surprisingly it doesnt. I'm sure it puts more of a strain on it, but it functions just the same as with AA batteries. Let me know how yours works out.
Alex1M6 XOIIO5 years ago
Well I tried it and now the internal metallized polyester film capacitor has developed a huge crack and I can see the insides of the capacitor. It seemed to give more of a spark when running off a 9v but I dare not put the 9v back in in case it stops working all together as it still works fine off of 2 AA's.

Do you have any other tips on increasing the voltage? As I am trying to make a kind of "stun gun" that can at least arc through a thin layer of cloths.

XOIIO (author)  Alex1M65 years ago
Well electricity takes 10,000 volts to arc one cm, so it depends how thick and what you can afford. Taser probes are 5cm apart, thats why they say it has 50,000 volts, but thats only the arcing faze, once contact has been made it drops to 5,000 volts which is the cycling faze. this design requires open skin, so your looking at a hell of a lot more than a dollar store device. I would look into buying high-voltage capacitors, or use a coil-gun design as a tazer.
Alex1M6 XOIIO5 years ago
I would just go and buy a stun gun but they are illigal here in the UK for some stupid reason, So I am forced into making my own.
XOIIO (author)  Alex1M65 years ago
Thats too bad. Are you making yours for self defence? Why exactly do you need it?

Like I said, I would look into capacitor banks, but you would pretty much have a one use device unless you devised some on the go charging circuit,  and you would need a very high voltage to arc through clothing.
Alex1M6 XOIIO5 years ago
I don't really need one for specific reason, but It would be good to have one for some of the differnt projects I have planned which require high voltage.

I have already made a coil gun using 12 of those capacitors you get in disposable cameras hooked up in parallel and I have to say that when I shorted the out using the capacitor legs the spark it produced was bright and loud, there must be quite a bit of current!

I think I have found a way of upping the voltage by making and adding a step up coil at the end of the bug zapper as I have noticed through picture's of stun gun internal circuits on the internet they look very similar to my bug zapper circuit but just with a big step up coil at the end.
CoNiGu5 years ago
im just stuck at the end on where exactly to make connections with the resistors and the led, do the resistors need to be connected to a prong or just the switch and the led?
XOIIO (author)  CoNiGu5 years ago
The switch has 2 separate connections (4 prongs, two connections). The power for the tazer circuit is connected to one set, and the resistors lead from the battery to the switch, and then the L.E.D
CoNiGu5 years ago
if you could email me telling me all the solder connections that would be great or if you could post them up here,  my email is perhapsyourtimewillcome@hotmail.com
XOIIO (author)  CoNiGu5 years ago
Sorry about the wait, I'll get to that tonight, I'll have to go over this again.
555mst5556 years ago
oh crap...i just posted aibles.....it's excalt the same....!!i swore! but i really didnt get the idea from u....sorry ...coz i did'nt know u posted the same ibles....
XOIIO (author)  555mst5556 years ago
that's ok. I'm sure you didn't because that's an absolutely great way to kill your reputation. By the way, the "twisty wire thing" is a twist tie, and I would probably iluee a cable tie stead. And what you think may be rust is not rust, it is just the coating in the metal being vaporized. This is perfectly normal, I see it all the time. If you have any other questions or need help feel free to ask.
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