DIY Teacher Appreciation Day Gift




Introduction: DIY Teacher Appreciation Day Gift

Teacher Appreciation Day is coming, I made this one for my daughter's class teachers.This project is very easy and simple.

What you need for this project:

1) 9x12 canvas

2) foam sheets

3) glue

4) black markers

Step 1: Draw and Cut the Foam Sheets

First is you need to draw all the shape and cut the foam sheets. One by one shown in the pic.

Step 2: Finishing Stage

Now you need to stick all the foam sheets on the 9x12 canvas with glue as shown in the pic.

Then with black markers make a smile face on the flower. And I write her teacher's name on the human figure.

And the water drops are, shown as education. Then the thank you message write on the top.

your project is ready. I hope you like it.



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