Step 5: Trim the Leads

Flip the board over and trim the leads so it sits flat.

Use any wire cutters you have around, but a pair of diagonal cutters works best.
<p>Cant believe I'm only just finding this :D<br><br>I've been working on a similar idea for my arduino nano, This has just saved me sooooo much work :D Thankyou :D</p>
I think I'll wait for a <a href="http://www.raspberrypi.org/" rel="nofollow">Raspberry PI</a>.<br> <br>
I just can't find 3-pin mini-CT connectors anywhere but digikey. Shipping to Greece is $30 so that's a no. Any other vendor I can get 3-pin mini-CT connectors? Like ebay, amazon? Other compatible connectors would do ( if there are any ).<br><br>Any suggestions?<br><br>PS: Great tutorial btw :)
Here is a list of distributors for that 3-pin connector: http://www.waldomkits.com/TE-Connectivity/Buy/292207-3<br><br>It looks like there a couple in europe that hopefully have better shipping prices . $30 for a couple dollars of parts is indeed too much. <br><br>I found that link by googling the manufacturer name and part number on digikey: &quot;TE connectivity 292207-3&quot;<br><br>Also, it looks like some vendors might have mismatched images for the connector, but show the correct part # or 3D... Hard to tell what they will actually send you :/<br><br>This one in the UK looks like the right part: http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/headers-pcb-receptacles/6832276/<br><br>I hope that helps!
My VCR still just blinks 00:00 :-(
Well now, that's what happens when you refuse to learn C. You might be able to try to use a WYSIWYG web editor... Of course, you may just make the VCR BSoD...

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