I have had this 1G usb drive around for a while and the enclosure had broken, So I made my own wooden enclosure!

  • wood (teak)
  • USB drive
  • foam padding
  • two part epoxy
  • wood glue
  • sand paper

  • table saw
  • belt sander
  • drill/ drill press
  • clamps
  • razor blade

Step 1: Size Your Wood

After you have gathered the required materials measure out the wood to the right size.
  1. measure your usb drive
  2. mark on your wood how you want it to sit
Very nice! I made one with some spalted oak.
Here are some pictures.
Very cool! I would love to do this sometime :)
Much better than my attempts with a wood usb drive, nice work.
this seems realy cool. I would use an 8 gig or bigger and engrave or laser cut a desing on it
It's all about using what you have, I had this 1g drive around for over a year and it was broken (the case was broken). So thats what I used. no sense in throwing away a perfectly fine thumb drive! I wish I had access to better equipment, I would love to engrave it! Sadly I do not, but one day I will!
thats awesome!

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