Introduction: DIY Tent for Kids

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I was looking for free easy things to do around the house with my 3 year old son on a rainy day so indoor camping sounds like fun kids love tents. You will need three chairs one large blanket one medium blanket and some flashlights

Step 1: Set Up the Three Chairs

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Place the chairs as you see pictured one up top two on the side just make sure you use regular same size chairs

Step 2: Medium Size Blanket

Picture of Medium Size Blanket

Place a medium size blanket on the floor as pictured

Step 3: Large Size Blanket

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Place a large size blanket over the three chairs as pictured

Step 4: Flashlights

Picture of Flashlights

You can use any toy that lights up in the dark

Step 5: Enjoy and Have Fun

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Thatdan (author)2014-08-25

Lol thank u my first post I see how this works now there's so much crazy stuff I do around here with my three-year-old Will start sharing more

wilgubeast (author)2014-08-25

One of the kids in step 5 is HUGE!

This is awesome. Looks like we'll have to run another Forts contest pretty soon. The camping chair is a nice touch.

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