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Hey everybody, it's momo and today I'll be making a craft that makes a perfect and simple gift (DIY stocking stuffers anyone?) You probably haven't heard this name before, but you definitely have seen it! A thaumatrope is a double sided image that when spun very quickly, appears to conform into one image. This only uses three basic materials; paper, glue, and string! This is probably the easiest and most simple intstuctable I have done so far, so I hope you have fun making these

Step 1: Supplies

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Choose a template:

~Heart template

~Firefly template

~Diamonds and cat template

You will also need:


~Glue stick

~String or fishing wire

Step 2: Cut

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Begin by selecting your preferred template. Print it and cut the circles out.

Step 3: Poke in Holes

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Next pokes holes into the circles. All of the templates are different so the location depends on which one you have selected.

Step 4: Glue

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Glue the two pieces together, making sure one is upside down. If the images are both right side up, then the two images will not line up correctly.

Step 5: Thread the String

Loop a piece of string through each hole and tighten.

Step 6: 完

Picture of 完

And that is IT. These crafts are so simple and adorable and they make perfect gifts for anyone that appreciates the little things in life :) I hope y'all enjoyed this tutorial and had fun checking it out! If you haven't already, subscribe, become a member of the farm family and give a cow it's wings! Love y'all •_£


embecca (author)2015-12-01

can we see some more finished products;)

momoluv (author)embecca2015-12-01

there's a video of all of The thaumatropes, those are all of the ones I made, but you can also look some up on google if you prefer

jeanniel1 (author)2015-11-23

I remember making these a long time ago - so great and fun to make the illusion! I wonder if they can be made with more "pages" and become sort of like a flip book!

momoluv (author)jeanniel12015-11-23

That's a great idea!

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