DIY : the Emergency and Rechargeable Fan for Summer.





Introduction: DIY : the Emergency and Rechargeable Fan for Summer.

I always wanted to make my small emergency fan which can be operated when there is no electricity. I also aimed to make it as simple and cheap as possible. The speciality of this project is that it is rechargable, so no worry to replace the battery every time. I have used 4 Volts and 2.5 Ah rechargable battery. Lets proceed in construction part.


This project cost me 110 INR.

So the stuff you are going to need is:

1- A motor. Note : I have not used the motors of toy car. These motors are 500 RPM which operates with 3-9 volts and minimum 1 Ampere.

2- A rechargeable 4 Volts and 2.5 Ah Battery.

3- Propeller or Fan.

4- Alligator clips.

5- Double sided tape.

6- Wooden base.

7- iron or steel strip.

8- Soldering Equipments

9- Hot glue gun (Optional.).

10- Wires.

11- And 30 minute time.

Step 2: Attachment of Fan.

Attach the fan to your DC motor. And check which polarity gives you blow of air. After you have checked the polarity, solder the wire to the terminals of the motor. now solder the alligator clips to the other end of that wire.

Step 3: Making the Stand.

Take your iron or steel strip of 1 inch by 12 inch (I used the steel scale of 30 cms.). Bend the lower end of the strip or scale at 90 degree angle i.e. perpendicular like L shape ( This end will be sticked on the wooden base. ). Now bend the upper end of strip at 70 or 60 degree angle.

Step 4: Fixing. Fixing. Fixing.

Now fix the base of metal strip i.e. perpendicular one with the double sided tape on the wooden base. Now fix motor to the upper end of the strip. And lastly fix the Battery to the wooden base.

Step 5: Securing the Fixed Point. (OPTIONAL).

This step is optional as I mentioned above but if you did this step too , you will having strongly fixed Emergency Fan.

So, now for this you are going to use hot glue gun. You have to plug in the glue gun 5 min earlier before you can use it.

If your glue gun is ready to be used then fixed all the points that you have fixed with the double sided tape.

Step 6: Result.

If you have done all the step correctly , then obviously you will be having the EMERGENCY AND RECHARGEABLE FAN. Thanks for reading and I hope you will be trying this at home. Please share your experience in making this rechargeable fan or the appreciations from your family or friends by commenting below.



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    I could definitely use this during a hot power outage, but hopefully I wont have to!