Make your own $500 necklace with embroidery thread and hand-me-down jewelry! DIY from my blog, www.thanksimadeitblog.com.

Step 1: DIY Embroidery thread and costume jewelry necklace

Picture of DIY Embroidery thread and costume jewelry necklace
Tools and Materials:
Embroidery thread (I used about 9 skeins in a tonal range of pinks, coral, and fuschia)
Crystal/rhinestone necklace
ShrutiD8 months ago

Astonishing necklace, you have artistically made it, a superbly beautiful creation, everybody would love to wear it!!!! Can also have a look on this website having one of the best collection of complementary collection of thread necklaces-


spitoon2 years ago
Just remarkable!
sabu.dawdy3 years ago
cuteeeeeeee :)
absolutely beautiful
That is gorgeous!
eross-13 years ago