Some of us like books, especially the maps in them. I really like "The Hobbit" and I thought I should make Thror's map. And here I am! This can work on any printed map/drawing/writing.

Step 1: Printing

I couldn't find a suitable map to print, all of them were black or white or weren't the same map as the one in the book. I made a printable map, that was like the one in the book. Here it is: http://i.imgur.com/3TGWD82.png Print it with a laserjet printer and off we go. Note: go in image and save as Note II: Make sure in the preview that there is a border around the frame
have you checked the pH of your finished paper? it might be kind of high. if you want it to last longer (think of old newspapers falling apart from their own acid content) I wonder if you could neutralize it with a solution of baking soda or washing soda or even very dilute lye, though that might be too strong. I know that if you have the right test paper there is a way to calculate what will neutralize it but that wouldn't answer for how it affects your finish. maybe anyone doing this project could make some extra pieces, treating them the same as the map, then testing out different bases.
I believe airtight framing could solve this problem, but I only made this as a prop for a friend. If I knew how to test the ph I'd have no problem checking this.
excluding air would prevent oxidation, but I don't think it would stop acid from doing it's thing. also that serious level of archival protection would rather undermine what I was imagining to be an economical decorative wall hanging. <br> <br>if you want to check the pH pool supply, garden, and many drug stores sell pH tests, or just google &quot;pH test&quot; and you will see all kinds of test kits, paper and liquid, lots under $10. some come on a roll like scotch tape and will be good for hundreds of uses, depending how much you cut. to use the paper ones the map will have to be wet, but given your process I don't imagine that would be a problem. just touch a test paper to your wet map paper, the test paper will change colour, you compare this to a key that comes with the pH tests and read the pH. well, technically it will be the pH of the water, but if the water has been in and on the paper for a while that should be close to the same. there is a chance that the colour from the test paper could get on your map paper so check on the back. assuming it is acidic I would then soak it in a base solution, rinse in fresh water, then retest to see how much the pH has changed and repeat as necessary. probably too much trouble for a disposable prop, but prudent for a framed antiqued map
<p>Had to come up with how to do this same exact thing, and now i read this ible. That's how it always works isn't it? Great job. Ive done this to a whole ton of middle earth maps now. one good thing to do is to use that fancy paper that has all the textures in it. it gives it added design and makes it easier.</p>
<p>Great able. I've done this with tea, but wouldn't have thought to use instant coffee, great idea. </p>
Ok, thankyou sooo much! Now i can start! :D good job btw
What size paper did you use?
Standard A4 printer paper
awesome! looks great. i never thought about using sandpaper good idea :)
Thanks for sharing!
beautifully done! Looks very real!
That turned out great, nicely done!
Thank you.

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Bio: I like to build things cheap, without buying anything except what I have(Which is mostly cardboard). I like Tolkien's works.
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