Picture of DIY Tiny Top Hat
This is my first attempt at making an instructable. Enjoy! :)

Feeling bored at work one day, I noticed the gift shop selling these tiny hats. They look pretty simple to make without the pricy cost of purchasing one. Using materials found around the house, I was able to put one together rather quickly. This is an easy project for someone on a budget but wanting a cute halloween costume. 

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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Materials Used:

Corrugated cardboard, preferably one that is strong but malleable
Electrical tape
Math Compass (not required but helpful)
Xacto knife
Fabric glue
Stretchy string or bobby pins
Misc. paint, feathers, felt, fabric, etc... for decorating

Step 2: Making the Body

Picture of Making the Body
Cut a long strip of cardboard to the exact height and width of desired hat. (Make sure the corrugated cardboard used has the holes facing vertically.) For my hat, I used the dimensions of 3 x 9 inches, leaving a 1/2 to 3/4 inch tab at one end. Finally dimensions are 3 x 9 3/4 inches. Using colored felt, cut a long strip of fabric to the same dimensions as the strip of cardboard leaving some room in the width.

I wrapped by cardboard strip around a vitamin bottle that I found in my medicine cabinet. The strip ended up fitting perfectly around the bottle. You may want to base the circumference of the hat around a bottle or container that you are using. This will help keep the round shape of the tube. If there are no bottles laying around, you may also use the edge of a counter and gently roll the cardboard until it creates a round shape. Tape the gap closed with the tab on the inside. Use an extra piece of tape to secure the tab on the inside. 

Now it should look like a tube. 

Step 3: Cutting out the Top

Picture of Cutting out the Top
Trace the bottom edge of tube on another piece of cardboard. A compass may also be used to create a circle that will cover one end of the tube. This piece will end up as the top of your hat. Make a small hash mark on both pieces so you can align them later on. Cut out the cardboard circle and cut the same size in felt. I used black felt for mine, but get creative. Be sure to make the felt circle slightly bigger than the cardboard. It's ok if the felt circle is much wider, you can always cut off the extra but you can't glue it back on. Tape on the top of the hat to the tube. 

Step 4: Creating the Brim

Picture of Creating the Brim
Lastly, you'll want to create the brim of the hat. Using the circle cutout from the previous step, trace the outline on a larger piece of cardboard. This is the basis of the brim. Either using a wider round object or the compass, draw a circle around the outer edge of the initial circle. The larger circle's width is dependant on how wide you want your brim to be. For my initial hat, I used a 1/4 inch brim. Turned out pretty narrow. Next time, I think a 3/4 inch brim would be sufficient or at least 1/2 inch. Again you'll want to cut out a felt circle with the same dimensions as the large cardboard circle.

Taking the large cardboard circle, make an incision in the middle to create a small hole. Cut tabs using the inner circle as a guideline. These will later be used to attach the brim to the tube part of the hat. Make sure to add tick marks to align the hat later on. 

Step 5: Putting it all Together

Picture of Putting it all Together
Using small strips of tape, carefully tape the small circle on to one end of the tube. Setting the tube on top of the large circle, attach the top and bottom half of the hat using the precut tabs from earlier. Fold into the hat and tape down. Lastly, use a long piece of tape to tape around the entire inside bottom of the hat to secure the tabs down. Now you have the basic frame to work with. 

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Picture of Finishing Touches
Glue on the pieces of felt. Using a rubber band to hold the felt in place as the glue dries. After the glue is dry, decorate accordingly with ribbons and feathers. Enjoy :)
Vahyla3 years ago
scoochmaroo thought it would be a good idea I let you know from this and another tutorial I found online, made myself a little hat. Very clear instructions, thanks.
wildcat03 (author)  Vahyla2 years ago
looks awesome!
sredmon3 years ago
Nice idea. I like it. :)
I'm gonna scale this up for a Steampunk costume I'm working on. Thanks for the info.
Great first Instructable!
wildcat03 (author)  jessandstavro3 years ago