This is my first attempt at making an instructable. Enjoy! :)

Feeling bored at work one day, I noticed the gift shop selling these tiny hats. They look pretty simple to make without the pricy cost of purchasing one. Using materials found around the house, I was able to put one together rather quickly. This is an easy project for someone on a budget but wanting a cute halloween costume. 

Step 1: Supplies

Materials Used:

Corrugated cardboard, preferably one that is strong but malleable
Electrical tape
Math Compass (not required but helpful)
Xacto knife
Fabric glue
Stretchy string or bobby pins
Misc. paint, feathers, felt, fabric, etc... for decorating
scoochmaroo thought it would be a good idea I let you know from this and another tutorial I found online, made myself a little hat. Very clear instructions, thanks.
looks awesome!
Nice idea. I like it. :)<br>
I'm gonna scale this up for a Steampunk costume I'm working on. Thanks for the info.
Great first Instructable!

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