here I'll show you how to make a tooth brush robot out of a few simple pieces, I know theres been a lot of other ible's of the same thing but mine is a bit different and can be charged over and over. this is my own design of this robot, you need:


-Mini vibration motor
-Tooth brush head
-glue gun
-9v battery

Step 1: The Set Up

First you are going to wire everything up. I just soldered the motor onto the capacitor, but id you dont have a capacitor then connect the motor to a small battery. you can also add a switch if you want.
<p>Cool!! And what about the Capacitors? Can I do without the CapaCitor? I mean a small battery Cell will be okay? And CapaCitor needs to be Charged often right?</p>
wow its so cool i will do one<br>
<p>i will do it also</p>
<p>very nice robot i made a robot made of can !!!</p>
Where can i find a mini vibration motor?
any cell phone or pager with a vibrate feature.
also vibrating shaver handles and vibrating toothbrushes have little motors for bristle bots as well.
probably any electrical store, i got mine from radio shack
I found one in a Nokia...
Yes me too I found one in my nokia, but by some reason I cant find my celular any more.....<br><br>Nice little bot :D
there are toys in the market called a hex bug it is like this and there are differnt ones like spiders and ants
Gotta love Joint Winter Encampments?? hmm?????
?? i didnt go
guys what dont you under stand the robots are really easy to makeinsted of a capasitor use a button cell/battery and its called a BRISTIL BOT NOT A TOOTH BRUSH ROBOT???
i know i know, i was just making a different version of it, this one can be charged countless times so you dont need to replace any batteries. I was just throwing it out there.... dont be hatin bro lol
Cool man, seems like a cockroach running on the floor. I&acute;ll Try do it.
If you upload your movies to youtube, they'll be more accessible. They have code for embedding it in a web page, which you can cut/paste here.
Whatever it is, we know that it's not simply a capacitor. True, the &quot;X&quot; scoring on the top is familiar to electrolytic capacitors. The scoring works as a pressure release should it decide to explode, a nasty habit that electrolytics have when connected in the wrong polarity and/or with too high a voltage rating. <br><br>However, niCads have nasty habits also, so I'm inclined to think it's a rechargeable battery of some sort.<br><br>But why no polarity indicators on the packaging, in either case? I still don't get that. I'm not going to buy an Airhog to find out.
i bought mine fer $3 so you might just wait till their on sale
ok everybody! sorry i dont have any info about the capacitor, but i found it in one of these things <a href="http://www.amazon.com/Air-Hogs-Charger-Styles-Colors/dp/B001DSQWHI">http://www.amazon.com/Air-Hogs-Charger-Styles-Colors/dp/B001DSQWH</a>I, after the plane&nbsp; broke...<br>
Yeah, that's why I don't think it's a simple &quot;capacitor.&quot; There has to be something else going on inside that mystery component
this is really cool. if any one successfully builds one, let me know. all the capacitors at my local store look nothing like the one in this instructable, so iv hit a snag
Hm. I dunno. Something's not right. Has anyone been able to reproduce Captain Molo's results with a capacitor of a known value?
Very nice indeed. The use of a capacitor is fairly original. What value did you use? 2000&micro;F or more ?
im not quite sure, it was from an air hogs toy
Nice little bot - how long will it run on a full charge?<br><br><sub>(Oh, and more people will watch your videos if you upload them to YouTube or similar and then embed them.)</sub>
thanks! it goes for about 5 min
Very nice indeed. Well done on using the capacitor.

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