DIY Tooth Brush Robot





Introduction: DIY Tooth Brush Robot

here I'll show you how to make a tooth brush robot out of a few simple pieces, I know theres been a lot of other ible's of the same thing but mine is a bit different and can be charged over and over. this is my own design of this robot, you need:


-Mini vibration motor
-Tooth brush head
-glue gun
-9v battery

Step 1: The Set Up

First you are going to wire everything up. I just soldered the motor onto the capacitor, but id you dont have a capacitor then connect the motor to a small battery. you can also add a switch if you want.

Step 2: Attach the Head

now glue your motor and electricity source to your tooth brush head, I cut the middle strip of bristles off then I glued it to the bottom for the first type, for  the second type i glued it to the top. the first type works alot better because of the angle bristle heads. the second type falls over more and just spins around most of the time.

Step 3: Let It Loose

now either charge your capictor or connect the battery to your motor and let your robot loose!



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    Cool!! And what about the Capacitors? Can I do without the CapaCitor? I mean a small battery Cell will be okay? And CapaCitor needs to be Charged often right?

    wow its so cool i will do one

    i will do it also

    very nice robot i made a robot made of can !!!

    Where can i find a mini vibration motor?

    any cell phone or pager with a vibrate feature.

    also vibrating shaver handles and vibrating toothbrushes have little motors for bristle bots as well.

    probably any electrical store, i got mine from radio shack

    I found one in a Nokia...

    Yes me too I found one in my nokia, but by some reason I cant find my celular any more.....

    Nice little bot :D