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This is an Instructable telling how to make a stylus for your capacitive touchscreen device. This worked quiet well on my iPod touch 5th generation. This is made out of household materials, so you wont have have to go looking for stuff in the market, like you need to in other Instructables that tell how to make a stylus. Note: I am not responsible if this causes any harm to your device

Step 1: Gathering the Material

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What you need: A straw, cotton, foil, 2 elastics, tape (optional)

Step 2: Wrapping the Cotton

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Wrap some cotton around the straw and put an elastic around it.

Step 3: Wrapping the Foil

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Wrap a piece of foil above the cotton using an elastic.

Step 4: Finishing

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Cut the straw so to a size you are comfortable with. You can make a grip out of tape if you want.


mikaleda (author)2013-03-22

Wouldn't the aluminum foil scratch the screen up prematurely? I have an iPod touch 4th gen and I know their tough but aluminum foil doesn't sound like it would be to great for the screen

chinmaya1011 (author)mikaleda2014-10-31

works right with my ipod touch. maybe cover the foil with another thin sheet of anything that can conduct heat.

chinmaya1011 (author)2013-07-14

I just recently learnt that you can cover the foil with thin tape or something
(Make sure heat can pass through it).

brenna1123435 (author)2013-07-09

What if you don't have a screen Guard? I don't. Could you leave the cotton bare?

chinmaya1011 (author)2013-03-31

It wont if you have a screenguard

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