DIY Toy Stories (#6)


Introduction: DIY Toy Stories (#6)

About: Goal: a new storybook each week for the Grandma Van's Print-and-Mail series.

The sixth book in the Grandma Van's Print-and-Mail series is a simple sixteen-page story. Print, Cut, Fold, Sew, Personalize, and Enjoy.

I hope this little book inspires you to create your own "DIY Toy Stories."

Step 1: Print.

Print the PDF on both sides of the paper, flipping on the short edge.

Step 2: Cut.

Cut the two pages to create four long rectangles.

Step 3: Arrange.

Arrange the pages so that they will be in order when folded.

Step 4: Fold.

Fold so that pages 8 and 9 are in the center.

Step 5: Sew.

With a needle and thread, stitch the pages together, using the diagram to guide you.

Step 6: Personalize.

Add the name of one or more children on page sixteen. Sketch a little picture.

Step 7: Personalize PLUS

NOTE: If you are computer savy, take the text and images from this story and add a photo.

Personalize PLUS PLUS!

Use this little book as an example of how to make your own personalized DIY Toy Stories. Grandma Van says "You can do it!"



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