DIY Treble Clef Ring





Introduction: DIY Treble Clef Ring

Make this really cute treble clef ring in no time, it needs less materials and looks amazing when you wear it!! XD

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this ring, you will need:

- Pliers

- Metal Wire

- Something from which you can follow the shape of the treble clef.

- Something round that you can use to form the shape of the ring. (ex. a pen, marker, etc.) :D

Step 2: Making the Ring

Take your wire and push it around the rounded object your using and leave just about enough space for you to work while you form the shape of the treble clef. Make sure the wire is rounded. You don't have to worry about it fitting your hand as you can resize it.

Step 3: Trimming

Trim off the excess and make sure not to trim too much, you'll need more wire to form the treble clef.

Step 4: Get Your Guide

When your done trimming, place your guide beside you and watch it as your working with the shape.

Step 5: Forming Your Shape

Get your plier and form the shape slowly as you follow the guide.

Step 6: Done! :D

when your finished, you can wear it and push against the sides to make it fit your hand. :D



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    Sorry for a late reply, and thanks :). What do you mean by what kind of scale? And about the photo of it being worn... I think I lost the ring... Im sorry

    Impressive first Instructable! This is really cute and simple. I'm wondering on what kind of scale you would recommend making it. Any photos of it being worn? This would make a great gift for the musician in your life!

    Nice idea ....