DIY Tripod Under $1





Introduction: DIY Tripod Under $1

This instructable will teach you how to make a fantastic tripod under $1 .Using only household items such as flour,you can make a fantastic tripod which is even better that normal tripod,its even portable..try it!

You should watch the video first,it will explain everything.After that,if you want detali explaination,proceed to the next step.

Step 1: What You Need to Do

In this step:

1.put the flour in the plastic bag

2.Depending on how big your camera is,put more flour if your cameara is big.

3.Make sure the plastic or surrounding is not wet

4.DO not add water into the flour

5.Use only plain flour in this experiment so that the surface remains smooth

6.Try to use plastic which are soft and easy to crush

To see how the plastic should be tied,proceed to the next step

Step 2: Tying the Plastic

Make sure you leave some space for air
The proportion of flour to air should be 95:5
the reason why you have to leave some air inside so that the flour can be moved and mould arond easier
before tying,plan on the how big you want the surface to be

Step 3: Now Its Done

Your tripod is now done!

now all you have to do is to mount your camera on top of the flour and press on it to your desired angle.You can place it anywhere ,in corner of rooms ,on the table or anywhere.
It works better than normal tripod and you can bring it anywhere.



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    Yes, then the iPod would be

    i =me , pod=foot



    Dried beans also work pretty well.
    You will want to be careful about getting small holes in the bag of flour.
    Flour + Camera = :-(

    Perhaps if you posted this as "a cheap and easy DIY camera support", rather than a tri-pod, which technically this is not at all. I don't want to discourage you from posting, just trying to be helpful. Keep working on it!

    1 reply

    this works the sameas putting somethingbehind it. and besides what happens when you dont have a table to set it on!!! you get pictures of your feet. stop posting worthless stuff

    I'm all for doing it yourself when it makes sense, but there is a much better, smaller, lighter and more practical alternative on the market ( for a $2.39 metal folding tripod (including shipping).

    well, what if you were to use contour molding gel, or some of that floam stuff, or better yet: silly putty. i dunno, just stuff from the mind of ichipoodle

    A nice version of a commercial product, but you need to be clearer with the list of materials required. If you use sand instead of flour, you won't have the worry of it getting damp & rotting, plus you could plumb one of those winesaver pumps into the bag - set the camera in place, then suck out all the air and the tripod (bagpod?) is set in place until you let the air back on.

    Why was this unpublished and republished? To remove the comments?

    1 reply

    of course not,infact I dont realy care about the comments I get..its because of some other problem..