Introduction: DIY Tube Amplifier With Old Tv

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Hello friends, this is my first publication, and want to show this amp I
did recycling components of an old television tube that no longer worked (had like 40 or 45 years or so).

Step 1: Remove Circuit Chassis From an Old Tube Tv

Picture of Remove Circuit Chassis From an Old Tube Tv

This is the TV chassis, are still all components that we will not use

Step 2: Remove Components That Are Not Going to Use

Picture of  Remove Components That Are Not Going to Use

After finding the audio input, output transformer components and discard (trial and error), we are left with a valve audio (6Z10), capacitors, input transformer, choke, and output transformer:

Step 3: Make the New Chassis

Picture of Make the New Chassis

Wood cutting, screwing and gluing

Step 4: Putty

Picture of Putty

Putty to erase imperfections (holes screws, etc.), as the leatherette with which I will cover much copy the surface.

Step 5: Sanding

Picture of Sanding

Step 6: Lined With Leatherette

Picture of Lined With Leatherette

Leatherette glued with contact cement. Many stick with white glue or other adhesives, but cement is the more comfortable I feel.

Step 7: Faraday Cage

Picture of Faraday Cage

Foil glued to generate a Faraday cage and avoid environmental interference (Very Important).

Step 8: Presentation

Picture of Presentation

Presentation surface components. I like to look around in the valve amplifiers. Be careful with the armed and avoid touching components when the amp is plugged in

Step 9: Copying the Circuit

Picture of Copying the Circuit

Copying the circuit, having marked each component and its position.

Step 10: And the End Result

Picture of And the End Result

Step 11: End

Picture of End

I hope you like it and find many ideas


wold630 (author)2016-04-08

Thanks for sharing your ideas.

mati181818 (author)wold6302016-04-12

With pleasure. I have more projects to share!!!

gigin (author)2016-04-09

Hi , Nicely done. you only use 1 tube 6z10 for your amp for it to produce stereo or mono output?

mati181818 (author)gigin2016-04-12

Thank you!!! I use only 1 tube (double pentode) for a mono output

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Bio: My name is Matias Natal and I am an Industrial engineer student, Carpenter and electronics fan with a sustainable approach.
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