Learn how to upcycle your old Back to the Future VHS and Paula Abdul cassette tapes into pom pom party decor! Yes, it's true. Chances are you've got a bunch hiding in the back of your closet with nowhere to go so let's put them to use.

Full tutorial: http://www.cremedelacraft.com/2012/12/DIY-Upcycle-Pom-Poms-Party.html#
<p>These are a nice idea, I like them (and they'd be great for film or music theme parties), if you like you don't even need to make that much mess to make them - if you simply stick the scissor through the loops, pull the tape tight and and cut them, you can get the same effect without all the scrap tape to clear up. : )</p>
I have a couple bags of tape from blank ones. Not just Audio, but video too!
What a clever idea!
These are really cute and a great reuse craft!

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