i made a tusken raider helmet out of nothing more than
a balloon
$10 worth of clothe
tons of hot glue
silver spray paint
and a dark visor, left over from my boba fett helmet, lol
JoongYin2 years ago
I don't think it's 501st approved. It looks sorta homemade and he/she/it should do change the mouthpiece. However, overall he/she/it did a good job making it.
CrowX2M3 years ago
I know this is a few years later, but is this 501st approved?
Roceifin4 years ago
Awsum!! expts you need to make the forehead taller and there is two of those spikes by the mouth....EXEPTIONAL JOB!!
monkey_boy05 years ago
thats so cool
bounty10126 years ago
lawl awesome
hide986 years ago
Looks sick man! Keep up the good work!