Tools and Materials:

  • Enamel powder
  • Kiln - heating
  • Red copper(Round Shape)
  • Tweezers
  • Enamel sieve
  • Earring accessories

Step 1: We Need to Make 3 Times

We need to repeat the same step 3 times, in order to make the back of the earrings pendant, the front of the earrings pendant and its pattern.

Step 2: Color Up the Earring Pendant Back

  • put the enamel powder into the enamel sieve
  • use the enamel sieve to sieve the powder
  • let the powder lay on the copper(one side/back)

Step 3: Baked

  • The copper one side is filled with enamel powder
  • Gently picked up into the kiln
  • Temperature of 200 degrees Celsius, about 8 minutes

Step 4: Soak

  • Proportion of water and dilute sulfuric acid is 1:3

Step 5: Cleaning

  • With a little cleaner, clean the other side of the copper burned (the front size)

Step 6: Handle the Front Color

  • On the other side of the copper pendant, we need to put the first color on it, refer to step 2

Step 7: Baked

Step 8: Make the Pattern

  • We use the tool to made the pattern on the front side

Step 9: Once Again Baked

Step 10: With Hook Assembled Into Earrings

Step 11: Complete!!

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