Tools and Materials:

  • Pure copper
  • Lighter
  • Scissors
  • Hammer
  • Texture hammer
  • Copper wire
  • water
  • Marker Pen
  • Tape
  • Tableting machine ect.

Step 1: Cutting

Cut a piece of rectangular material (pure copper)

Step 2: Design & Cutting

Using the marker pen, and drawing a "leaf" shaped design on the pure copper rectangular material , and using scissors to cut it down.

Step 3: Heating

Using the lighter to heat the "leaf" shaped pure copper and drop into the cold water to make it cooling down.

Step 4: Thinning

Using the Tableting machine to make the "leaf" shaped pure copper become thinning.

Step 5: Pruning

Using the scissors to prune the thinning "leaf" shaped pure copper (Cutting the part of the deformation).

Step 6: Shaping

Cutting a copper wire, size is same as the thin "leaf" shaped pure copper length.

Step 7: Embossed

Using a tape to stick the copper wire on the thin "leaf" shaped pure copper, using the tableting machine and press it.

Step 8: Remove the Tape

Step 9: Shaping

Use pliers to fold the thin "leaf" shaped pure copper

Step 10: Make Texture

using the texture hammer, and hitting on the "leaf" shaped pure copper.

Step 11: Heating and Cold

Step 12: Unfolded

Use pliers to unfolded the thin "leaf" shaped pure copper

Step 13: Drill a Hole

Step 14: Polished

Step 15: Complete!!

It's a DIY Tutorial for Making the Leaf Necklace with Pure Copper!! Hope you will like it!

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