Introduction: DIY Tutorial - How to Make 3D Geometry Globular 925 Sterling Silver Earrings With Pearl

Picture of DIY Tutorial - How to Make 3D Geometry Globular 925 Sterling Silver Earrings With Pearl
Tools and Materials:

  • Sterling silver
  • Marker Pen
  • water
  • hammer
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Pearl

Step 1: Design and Measuring

Picture of Design and Measuring

Pick a piece of silver and measure the length we need. Use marker to mark on the silver. Next step we will need 4 silver pieces of the same length.

Step 2: Cut

Picture of Cut

According to the lines of the silver, we will use scissors to trim off 4 silver pieces.

Step 3: Trim and Polished

Picture of Trim and Polished

Polish the 4 silver pieces of the former step. Adjust the length and polish the incision to make it smooth.

Step 4: Welding & Modeling

Picture of Welding & Modeling

Pick one of the silver pieces and make both of its ends into round shape. Hold them onto the table and weld up with heat. The other 3 silver pieces will be processed the same way.

Step 5: Cool Off

Picture of Cool Off

Cool off the 4 heated silver circles. Normally we would use cold water to soak it and cool it off and avoid getting hurt.

Step 6: Hitting Molding

Picture of Hitting Molding

Put the 4 silver circles into the model and we will use soft hammer to hammer out their shapes.

Step 7: Combination

Picture of Combination

Match up the 4 silver circles with each two as the image shows to make a globular shape.

Step 8: Welding & Modeling

Picture of Welding & Modeling

Add welding powder onto the junction surface of the two silver circles and weld up by heat.

Step 9: Cool Off

Picture of Cool Off

Now the circles are welded up and we get 2 silver balls. Use cold water to cool them off.

Step 10: Drilling

Picture of Drilling

As the image shows, we will drill a hole on the top of the silver ball.

Step 11: Measuring & Cut

Picture of Measuring & Cut

After drilling the 2 silver balls, we will measure the length we need of the silver wire and trim off the silver wire we need.

Step 12: Welding

Picture of Welding

The silver wire of the former step will be put through the hole of the silver balls. After that we will add in welding powder and weld up the wire with the ball.

Step 13: Clean & Polishing

Picture of Clean & Polishing

The welded silver balls will be put into de oxidization solution and be soaked for 20 minutes. This soaking will help clean off the welding dirt. Next, we take the stuffs into the polishing machine and polish them.

Step 14: Riveting

Picture of Riveting

The pearl will be riveted into the silver ball as the image shows and now we will bend the silver wire outside the silver ball to make it as a earrings’ hook.

Step 15: Complete!

Picture of Complete!
This silver-peasecod is very suitable for the production of earrings, necklaces and pendants. We could make adjustments to the jewelries we choose according to our own needs.
It's a DIY Tutorial for Making 3D Geometry Globular 925 Sterling Silver Earrings With Pearl! Hope you will like it!
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