Tools and Materials:

  • Resin glue
  • Foil
  • Bracelet mold
  • Color (Black & White)
  • Tools

Step 1: Decorative Bracelet Mold

Put the gold foil, silver foil or rose golden foil on the film of the bracelet mold!

Step 2: To Prepare the Resin Glue

  • Proportion of A glue and B glue is 3:1, same as the picture shown!
  • Mix up A glue and B glue, stirring continuously.

Step 3: Wait

Wait for 15 minutes still the bubbles disappear.

Step 4: Add Color!

  • The resin glue is divided into two copies, one add white color, the other one add black color.

Step 5: Placed Height Difference

Step 6: Pouring the White Color Resin Glue Into the Bracelet Mold(the Lower Side)

Step 7: Pouring the Black Color Resin Glue Into the Bracelet Mold(the Higher Side)

Step 8: Dry Off

  • Lay away for 12 hours still the glue dries off.
  • After the 12 hours, take out the bracelet.

Step 9: Polished

Step 10: Complete

  • This DIY Tutorial, including how to make the Black and White Gradient with Gold Foil Resin Bracelet! Hope you will like it!
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